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15 June 2018

A post about my coworkers' toilet habits [More:] This time it's real, yo. If this stuff grosses you out, time to back-click.

I work in an office environment: degreed people, office support staff, that sort of thing. People you would think would know better.

But if you're a guy who's too shy to use a urinal, PICK UP THE DAMN SEAT when you pee. No one wants to sit in your piss. Or at least wipe off the seat when you're done, for cryin' out loud.

Also, auto flushers are worst. People walk out of the stall and sometimes the auto flushers work, sometimes they don't. If they don't FLUSH YO SHIT manually. And just because it flushes doesn't mean everything went down. Check it and if half your shit is still there, flush again.

I don't expect much. I just want to enter a stall and not know if anyone else has been in there.

And if you're grossed out, hey, I warned you.
With auto-flushers I hate the ones that flush every time you move.
posted by arse_hat 15 June | 20:45
I learned a few years ago never, ever, EVER to put my passport in my back pocket after a woman in the next stall to me at O'Hare had hers fall out of her pocket as she was pulling up her jeans and it was auto-flushed away. I'm guessing she missed her flight.

We had a phantom poo-smearer at work a few years ago. On my floor, too. After HR sent a note round saying that they believed they had identified the culprit but would allow an opportunity for a change in behaviour, it stopped. I doubt they knew who did it, but the perp was obviously scared shitless.
posted by Senyar 15 June | 21:13
My motto is: I Don't Want to Think About Your Toilet Habits at Work, So Don't be Weird or Gross
It's difficult to fit the motto on a shield, though.
posted by theora55 16 June | 16:37
posted by Doohickie 16 June | 17:24
You just have to hang this up over the bathroom sign. And hope that there aren't any Latin majors around to quibble.
posted by sysinfo v2.0 16 June | 20:51
Weekend 3-point update || Hasselblad 503CX made from Lego