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09 June 2018

Dumbass. Do you ever do something that makes you wonder about your ability to do basic stuff? Are your powers of observation sometimes lacking?[More:]

We have a toster oven. It is about 16 years old and we use for all sorts of things. A full size oven is good for a turkey or homemade pizza but the smaller oven works great for bread, pies, holding things at temp, and it heats up and cools down fast.

What I have never liked is cleaning the inside. It's hard to get my hands in there and I worry about breaking the heating elements.

While cleaning it I felt something shift and slide. I thought I had busted it. But no.

The inside has a liner thing that just slides out. You tug at the bottom and take it out and you can clean it in the sink. I told my wife about it.

"Yeah I know. How have you been cleaning it?"

"Oh you know, that way. I just wanted to see if you knew about it."

Thanks for a good chuckle. I am sure this has happened to me, but can't think of a good story right now. I know i was flabbergasted when I learned you can use the fuel gauge in any car to figure out which side the gas tank is on (helpful since I rent cars a lot). I only learned this like 2 years ago.
posted by Miko 10 June | 07:40
Dumbass! Make sure the string trimmer stops spinning before you go through the gate!

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Doohickie 10 June | 11:11
Doohickie, ouch! I use the term weed gets the evilness of the thing front and center...and I hope to never use one again.

Somehow, I never got the memo that illustrated how to easily get the safety seals off the top of ketchup bottles (insert bottle of your liking.) I'd grab the center-mounted flap and pull horizontally to the "seam"...sometimes resorting to the use of pliers. One magical day, I pulled perpendicular and rainbows and unicorns appeared!
posted by mightshould 10 June | 13:23
Damn Doohickie that looks owey. The gas thing is one that always comes up in rentals. It seems to be something no one is ever shown when learning to drive. Rainbows and unicorns are always good.
posted by arse_hat 10 June | 14:12
Ouch! Socks and long pants; you're too smart to not be doing that! Eye protection! !!! That looks horribles.
posted by buzzman 12 June | 09:36
Anthony Bourdain and the role of cinema in his food shows. || So I went to the Leon Bridges concert last night.