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08 June 2018

Anthony Bourdain and the role of cinema in his food shows. I just read this a couple of nights ago. I've always loved the movie references in his shows and the fact that food was always an entry point into stories about people and places those people live in.
I knew depression walked with him. It was always there bigger than life. It is sad to see it take him.
It is sad. I always had a sort of wary feel about him - I loved Kitchen Confidential and really enjoyed "Parts Unkown," but I think I also recognized enough darkness in him to feel some concern. He reminds me of so many men I've known with a difficult mix of heart/yearning and anger/frustration with the world. One thing I really appreciated about him was that he was a living demonstration of personal growth - following his nose into an amazing culinary career, then trying out writing and then a book, then trying out TV, and then bringing his TV work far beyond food porn and more and more in line with humane values and a message about love and tolerance. It's so important to see people like that who keep exploring what they can do with their lives, and keep deepening their understanding. I will miss his presence very much.
posted by Miko 10 June | 07:43
From Kitchen Confidential on he always seemed pretty vulnerable but over the years he seemed to be finding a place or role he could live with. It is so sad that could not hold.

As with Avichi I wonder if travel had a role in the decision to end their lives. When you are moving around a lot and sleeping in rentals all the time, even if they are very nice places, you can get detached from the world.

A peripatetic life can be fun and introduce you to great people and things but I think most people need a root place to stay connected to something in order to feel a true part of the wider world.

The other recent high profile loss, Kate Spade, does not really fit that idea. Depression is just horrible.
posted by arse_hat 10 June | 14:26
I saw this interesting video: Anthony Bourdain tries the Waffle House

The romantic way he and his companion describe it as a place that accepts everyone regardless of their background, inebriation, etc reminded me of this from Ebert:

"Sometimes I get this Whitmanesque vision of America. But instead of wheat fields and mighty cities and deep lakes stretching from sea to sea, I imagine a vast number of coffee shops. ... the new American frontier is the all-night diner, with Formica tops and ketchup and sugar on every table, and a waitress who writes down your order on a green and white Guest Check."
posted by Firas 11 June | 16:41
I am still so sad about this. I loved his shows, and I always hoped I'd bump into him on my infrequent forays on the Upper West Side. On this recent visit to NYC, I couldn't even go to the UWS, as I knew it was pointless (notwithstanding that I love that area anyway, but it was just too much for me).
posted by Senyar 14 June | 16:26
#ALLCAPS || Dumbass. Do you ever do something that makes you wonder about