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23 June 2017

googlebugadoo Any flash floods in your area? Tornatoes? (I said tornatoes.) You know what I meant.
It is warm, clear and balmy here. We are going to hit the 80s this weekend. Aaaaah. Though I am sure everyone here in the Pacific NW will complain it is TOO HOT.
posted by bearwife 23 June | 17:36
84, "feels like 93". 42% chance of rain (currently raining.)
posted by Obscure Reference 23 June | 18:10
Hot (lower 90s) and humid (71%). No rain due to Cindy's change in direction.
posted by bluesapphires 23 June | 18:16
The weather forecasts here on California's Central Coast (midway 'tween LA and SF) have been way off-base lately... they predicted a week-long heat wave starting last Saturday, then it got up to 95F/35C on Friday. We all went "uh oh" but Saturday it cooled off 15 degrees F/10 degrees C and we haven't been above 75F/24C (more often 66F/19C) ever since. Climate Change Deniers would be very comfortable here (and we don't have many, except for the employees of an oil refinery 30 miles south of here).
posted by oneswellfoop 23 June | 18:34
Hot, humid.
Hot, humid.
Hot, rain.
Hot, rain.
Hot, humid.
posted by mightshould 24 June | 04:37
Cloudy and humid here today, but we've had record temperatures for June this past week. It hasn't been this hot in June since 1976. On Wednesday it was around 34C (about 93F) in London, and very humid.

Our public transport isn't air-conditioned, so as you can imagine, the Underground was like an oven. Thermal imaging cameras have revealed that the temperature on the line I have to take reached 42.3C (over 108F). All it would take for a disaster would be for a train to get stuck in a tunnel. People would die. Seriously.

Commuting has been a bitch. I usually walk to and from the station and, whilst the morning walk would have been do-able, mostly downhill, the thought of over a mile walk, up a steep hill, in 34C - hell no. I took the car to the station and enjoyed the air-con.

My cleaning lady told me on Friday that in three of the houses she was in this past week they had the central heating! What is wrong with people?!!

Today is cooler, and it's threatening to rain, without that actually happening yet. I'm hoping it will hold off, though, as I've got friends coming for dinner and I want to get the barbecue out (grill to USians).
posted by Senyar 24 June | 07:42
ts Cindy came through metro cincinnati yesterday afternoon/evening and i had to cool my heels in a barnes&noble until it passed.
posted by brujita 24 June | 10:14
We got a tornado warning first thing this morning, but the storm passed without incident near us (a friend about 20 minutes south of us had a lot of downed trees in her neighborhood). Found out that our security system broadcasts tornado alerts after it scared the shit out of my kids.
posted by amro 24 June | 11:58
Last Friday, we got up to six inches of rain in some areas. There was flooding all over the place. My street was underwater to where I wouldn't have been able to drive out if I needed to. There were flash flood warnings along most of the area rivers and streams.
posted by Thorzdad 26 June | 16:32
It's June 28. It was cold yesterday morning, so I had a small fire in the wood stove. Just twigs and small branches from the yard, but it was really pleasant. Maine is pretty pleasant in the summer, though it took ages to get started this year.

My little garden is doing fine. It pleases me no end. Soon, I'll be wearing overalls and referring to the 2' row of chard as 'crops'. good times.
posted by theora55 28 June | 22:09
I think I may have poltergeists... || Last year about this time two capybaras were on the lam