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16 June 2017

I think I may have poltergeists... I get home and drawers and cabinets are opened; things strewn everywhere. Stuff isn't where I put it. [More:]

Or, I have cat scientists investigating the unknown.
My wife's office has the same thing from time-to-time. They've named the spirit "Arthur." Their cleaning lady will no longer come in at night because of things like papers being strewn down a just-cleaned stairway.
posted by Thorzdad 17 June | 10:09
Senyar! It's a grey ghost! Look out!

Interesting, Thorzdad, is the office in an old building? Are there any rumors about Arthur's doings?

posted by mightshould 17 June | 16:43
Hire a cat detective.
posted by arse_hat 17 June | 20:34
Those sound suspiciously like the hallmarks of a cat detective.
posted by ethylene 18 June | 04:25
Oh! Maybe it's cat burglers searching for those opposable thumbs the humans have stored somewhere. If they manage to find them; their world dominance is at 'hand'.
posted by mightshould 18 June | 05:27
Interesting, Thorzdad, is the office in an old building? Are there any rumors about Arthur's doings?

Yes, it's an older building. A house actually. They have a lot of stories about Arthur's activities. One was when one of the office staff was there alone with her teenage daughter. The woman worked at one of the front windows. The daughter took a walk around the neighborhood (it's an artsy area.) When she returned, she asked her mother "I thought you said you were alone?" "I am." said the mom. The daughter replied, "Then who was the man standing behind you when I walked by your window?"
posted by Thorzdad 18 June | 12:28
The audioguide at the old jail in cork hints about their ghost, but I didnt see it. I DID see something dark and gauzy flapping at the Shaw house in Dublin; at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel I felt cold on my hand in a packed elevator and saw a button light up without being touched.
posted by brujita 18 June | 16:33
Some folks just don't move on. I am really hopeful I won't get stuck here throwing things around.
posted by bearwife 20 June | 14:50
Get a wildlife camera
posted by serena 22 June | 15:14
Anybody heeeeere? || googlebugadoo