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02 March 2017

"Is this really a thing?" Is this a possible recurring feature?[More:]
I was just thinking people could randomly post idle questions in hopes of actual leads or answers.

Mine is about people who immediately read the end of books right away.
The way it's presented in media is for a variety of hack reasons and I know there are people with a type of anticipatory anxiety "thing" but how could this actually work? I mean, I've read a range of types of books and almost never has the very end resolved anything that the book's about. In fact, besides a short story or poem I can't think of it ever being the case, or being able to make any sense of what it says at the end if you haven't read more than some of the book already, so unless this is a personal tic that has nothing to do with knowing anything, how is this suppose to help or work? Is it just some kind of "fuck you, book"--

--now, I've had small detail and big spoilers thrown at me and the problem with knowing any thing that happens is that if it's in mind I'm waiting for it, which in part can pull you out of it or in a way be put to devilish use but that's a whole separate thing.
I would discount this completely except I think I've heard people say this in real life and not been in a situation to say anything by way of query or opinion. What kind of shitty books are they reading or why are they reading them at all?
I have one friend who will get into a book and THEN in the middle of it see how it ends. I think it's that she hates unknowns and also wants to be in control at all times.

If the book is any good. I cannot read the ending in advance because why read the rest of it?

I have skipped whole parts of books that were not edited to remove the author's mind-dump of all the research done (so they go into minute details about how foo was made, etc.) When it doesn't have a place in the plot, I find that it's often a distraction from the book.
posted by mightshould 03 March | 08:25
I never ever do this and do not understand people who do. I am always sad, in fact, when I am reading a book and realize I have figured out the ending before I get there.
posted by bearwife 03 March | 16:04
I always start skipping ahead to see if it gets good.
posted by JanetLand 04 March | 08:21
I only ever read the end of a book once, when I was falling asleep but couldn't bear to put it down. It ruined the book for me and I've never done it again. Sometimes I skip through boring sections, particularly when it's a book club book that I wouldn't otherwise have chosen to read.
posted by Senyar 04 March | 11:47
This would be the "thing" -- people don't just read the end of something they want to read.

You skim a thing you have to read, not a thing you want to read.
On the rare occasion I find something I really enjoy, I'll try to slow it way down.

The control thing, that would be the illusion of control at best. Does that person actually like reading? As in use of language or such?
posted by ethylene 08 March | 17:02
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