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03 March 2017

Friday question NOT from the Book of Questions Tell us the best thing you've eaten or drunk lately. Bonus points for recipes.
I had radioactive eggs Tuesday. Definitely not the best, but definitely the weirdest thing I've had in awhile.
posted by Thorzdad 03 March | 17:47
Tops lately have been the honey crisp apples I've been getting from our community cooperative store. Yum.
posted by bearwife 03 March | 19:10
I made this last week, and while it came out pretty good, I wasn't quite sure it was worth the time/effort. I think it needs some other extra flavor to give it a little more oooomph, but I am not a good enough cook to know what that would be.
posted by JanetLand 04 March | 08:25
I had some Wensleydale cheese that was so good - tangy, crumbly, salty. Lovely cheese.
posted by Senyar 04 March | 11:53
I recently had a nice meal of salmon with a side of steamed asparagus. It was a very nice treat.
posted by mightshould 04 March | 13:42
I'm going to be trying that recipe, Janetland.
posted by bearwife 04 March | 20:30
One of the comments mentions topping it with tomatoes, green peppers, green onions, and cucumber. I may try that next time (although not cucumber because I don't like it).
posted by JanetLand 05 March | 12:32
Went to Portland, ME, and got a loaf of the everyday sourdough from Standard Baking. Gad, it was good. The loaf lasted us about a week, and every morning the toast was so good, so complex and tangy and such a great foil for eggs or peanut butter. I miss it already (ran out today). There's nothing to compare to really good honest bread.
posted by Miko 05 March | 23:23
Not eaten per se but this jasmine and mint toothpaste has wildly exceeded expectation. I'm wondering if I only use it occasionally it will stay as delicious as it seems in the moment of being an unexpected delight or how quickly it will lose all specialness.
posted by ethylene 08 March | 20:17
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