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24 February 2017

Friday question NOT from the Book of Questions As the Academy Awards are coming up, tell us what you've seen and what you think should win.
We've seen Arrival, Hidden Figures, La La Land and Manchester by the Sea so far. Lion is on my list for this weekend, if my Bear agrees to go. Casey Affleck turned in a remarkable performance in Manchester and my money for the best picture Oscar La La Land, which ripped up my heart and made me cry in the final "what if" sequence. We really, really liked Hidden Figures too.
posted by bearwife 24 February | 15:23
I have not seen any of the nominees this year.

Over the years the rise of comic book movies has pushed me out of the mainstream movie theatre but I did follow stuff via film festivals but in the last year and a bit I seem to have lost all interest in video narrative media.

My TV watching was never huge but it has slowed to a trickle and I have not seen a movie in well over a year. I still love books and painting and live entertainment but I find video too slow and tiresome lately.
posted by arse_hat 24 February | 16:29
As usual, I've only seen one- this year it was Zootopia. I'll still watch the Oscars and wonder why I care. I would like to see Lin win!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 25 February | 07:44
Yeah, I don't go to the movies much either anymore. The last movie I saw was a streamed opera production.
posted by JanetLand 25 February | 07:53
The only one I've seen is La La Land, which I thought was sweet and charming. It seems to have polarised opinion amongst my friends, though. Half of us loved it, the other half absolutely hated it.

I really want to see Manchester By The Sea, but it's only been on limited release in the UK, and nowhere local to me.
posted by Senyar 25 February | 09:48
The only ones I saw were Arrival and Moonlight, and I am pretty happy with those choices! So glad Moonlight won.

I am protesting Casey Affleck's behavior (sexual harassment of women he works with) by not giving that movie any money by seeing or renting it, but I have heard that it is a tearjerker.
posted by rmless2 01 March | 15:35
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