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22 February 2017

Humpday 3-point update [More:]
1. A Tube strike today stopped me from going into the office, so I worked from home. I take every chance I get these days to work remotely - it's only a matter of time before TPTB at work put a stop to it.

2. Tomorrow's commute should be fun, as Storm Doris arrives tonight, with 70mph winds and rain forecast for tomorrow. I've moved everything in the garden that could blow about to more sheltered spots by the fence. I plan on buying my lunch on the way into work and staying in the office until home time. It's usually pretty windy around the office anyway, because of the geography of the area - tall buildings and open water - so I don't fancy being blown into the dock.

3. I had a Valentine's card! It was from two cute boys who live in NJ :-)
1. I have a new employee with whom I am very happy. I find I am again looking forward to going to work.

2. I am unhappy with my weight, a bit too high for my taste, and the trouble I am having getting myself back into an exercise regimen. I keep promising myself that I'll get back on the stick next week. But it is hump day and I haven't done a thing this week either except walk.

3. We head to Mallorca in about two weeks. I am very keen to see it. And to have time to sightsee, loll about in the sun, and read.
posted by bearwife 22 February | 15:31
1. Binging on Schitt$ Creek on Netflix. Very funny. Not constantly funny, but they know how to set up a good belly laugh joke.

2. Bad day at work. I actually "lost" my perfect record, although no one seems to have noticed it but me. Still, it pisses me off.

3. I should be out riding my bicycle. But I just couldn't get excited about it so I stayed home to binge on Schitt$ Creek.
posted by Doohickie 22 February | 23:30
1. Last week blew. I was sick, and then my brother got really sick and almost died (he is on the mend now).

2. I am doing physical therapy for knee pain, but I'm so busy with other crap that I am neglecting the exercises I'm supposed to do at home so I'm not sure it will do much good.

3. I just got my Fedco Seeds order and will be starting tomatoes under my new grow light. I haven't done indoor seed starting in years and years and years so will be interesting to see if I can make this happen.
posted by JanetLand 23 February | 08:16
1. Still getting the new place settled - the downstairs is almost done, which just leaves my craft room, really. Trying to find a good solution for tracking all my sewing patterns. (preferably with pictures, yardage and size info!)

2. Scheduled someone to come and clean the house in a couple of weeks. I would rather spend my time crafting, and I hate the stairs and bathrooms. I'll try it, and if it isn't worth it to me, I can always go back to cleaning!

3. Got my Baker Creek seed catalog in the mail last night and may order some more things - already placed one order! I have the light and the jiffy pots I need to start seed in the garage - just need to get it all set up. That may be this weekend!
posted by needlegrrl 23 February | 10:20
1. Baby Boy was born last Thursday. Big Girl (formerly known as Kidlet) is fully enamored with him. I'm getting used to having a tiny baby (he was a full lb smaller than Big Girl at birth) and breastfeeding again.

2. Enjoying not being at work as yesterday and today was the larger department all hands meeting that was to feature role playing and other awful activities. I need to email a couple coworkers to see if it was as horrible as it sounded.

3. I have a long list of stuff I'd like to get done during maternity leave. If I do one or two a week, I'll make a decent dent in it so that's the goal.
posted by bluesapphires 23 February | 18:38
Congratulations bluesapphires!!!
posted by amro 23 February | 21:53
Woo! Congratulations, bluesapphires!
posted by needlegrrl 24 February | 08:38
Yay, new babby!
posted by Senyar 24 February | 10:04
Mazel too!!!
posted by bearwife 24 February | 11:01
Thank you! :)
posted by bluesapphires 24 February | 13:49
Best to you and yours bluesappires!
posted by mightshould 24 February | 19:17
1. Work is hectic. Third job is going OK, it may work out in the long term. Primary job is getting super busy and weekend job is starting early Spring crazy (early.)

2. Along with work, I've been nicely productive at home: one cabinet is reorganized, new curtains are up, delivery made to thrift store, first dent made in early weeds and laundry is done.

3. Biggest news of all: I've managed to make phone calls!
posted by mightshould 24 February | 19:25
1) It's been nearly-but-less-than a year since my last MeCha comment.
2) My wife had a major illness but it looks like it's over now.
3) So we bought some land and are working on leaving everything behind some day.

posted by danostuporstar 01 March | 14:14
Dano! Great to see you here. Sorry about your point 2), but buying some land sounds like a wonderful plan.
posted by Senyar 01 March | 17:50
Hi dano! Buying land sounds great. I have an old friend who's thinking of buying land when she retires, and she says the rest of us old friends can build tiny houses on it. This sounds like a great improvement over a trailer in my nephew's back yard.
posted by JanetLand 02 March | 07:53
1. Our cats are super happy with their new food!

2. I baked a couple of loaves of bread this week. I think it will be tasty for sandwiches.

3. We're still slowly unpacking the new house and it's so tedious. But we each have our own office/craft room! Also, the cats had never encountered stairs before so they were very confused when we moved in.
posted by cp311 02 March | 16:27
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