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09 November 2016

How could we? Despairing that we are going in the path of hatred and vitrol. This is like the build up to WWII in my mind.
I am so incredibly sad over the results.

I saw this on Twitter this morning, and so, for now, I have resolved to be a helper, and try and send as much kindness out into the world as I can, because currently, that's the only thing that I feel I can do.

Be a helper, and keep my eyes out for other ways I can help.
posted by needlegrrl 09 November | 08:55
Yeah. That's the view her in the EU as well.
Let's hope it will be ok...
posted by jouke 09 November | 12:16
I think you guys in the States probably felt this morning the same way I felt when I woke up the day after the Referendum to leave the EU - sad, incredulous, fearful.

All you can do is your best to make the world a better place. Stand up to hatred and ignorance at every opportunity. Be thankful that, unlike Brexit (which is for life) there is an end to this in four years' time, and that hopefully the checks and balances that must exist in any government/society will prevent Trump's narcissism from running riot.

I feel very sad today.
posted by Senyar 09 November | 12:42
Well, we didn't ALL. It was a close election. Clinton won the popular vote.

I am rather shattered myself. I just could not get to sleep last night -- too much fear and dread roiling through me.

But, this is why we all have our brains and hearts and morals and sense of compassion. For times like these. I agree profoundly with Senyar that I believe this, too, will pass, if we stay true to our consciences.

I will add that the one tiny ray of light for me in all this are my equally appalled family and you bunnies and the MeFites.
posted by bearwife 09 November | 16:49
I had to quit Metafilter for a bit, it was eating my life and my brain. I love everyone there but I just need a break from it after 18 months of obsession. I'm concentrating on my job and my family and my art and just trying to be nice to people.
posted by octothorpe 09 November | 22:17
My neighbor called me up last night and the first thing out of his mouth was "We won!" over and over increasingly loudly. I hung up.

Later on his wife called (she's a Hillary supporter) and I was starting a conversation with her apologizing for him, when he got on the other line and started yelling again. I hung up.

I feel awful because she's a nice person and he used to be.
posted by mightshould 10 November | 07:42
My next door neighbors are an interracial couple and the wife, who's an executive with a multinational firm here, started looking yesterday to see if she could transfer to Europe because they don't want to raise their children in this country now. Their daughter is like a granddaughter to me and they're due with a boy in the spring and I'll be heartbroken to see them go, but I can't fault them.
posted by octothorpe 10 November | 08:29
a friend asked for donations to the southern poverty law center for his bday.

I think our only hope is for all the gops in congress who trump has alienated to block any thing he plans. i'm not sure how effective this will be , but i did sign it.
posted by brujita 10 November | 12:08
National Popular Vote.
posted by Splunge 10 November | 14:19
I'm determined today to be strong and take action. Being very vigilant against militarization. Demanding fair treatment of my fellow citizens who are members of minority populations. Fighting for elimination of the electoral college, voter disenfranchisement, partisan gerrymandering, big secret money in politics, and every other limitation on democracy. And addressing lack of economic opportunity and educational opportunity, the real keys to this election outcome.

Fight fight fight! But with intelligence. And at the same time, octothorpe, I think focusing on being kind and compassionate is the very best personal response to the hatred and meanness we are seeing celebrated.
posted by bearwife 10 November | 14:30
Moving towards action is the only thing that's keeping me from curling up in the fetal position. So.
posted by gaspode 11 November | 08:13
How goes your US election day? || 2016 can just go screw itself.