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30 July 2016

It's been a hectic week here in the Suburban Sprawl [More:] We had a layoff at work a couple weeks ago, and while I was pretty sure I was safe, you never know. I got though it with my job intact. This past week made me wonder if I'd be better off with the layoff. A very intense week where I went into the office only three days, but logged almost 60 hours. Now that Friday evening is done I think I might just the rest of the weekend off. Next week is shaping up to be hell again though.

Why did I only go into the office three days? My wife had surgery on Thursday. It was minor in terms of the actual procedure, but major in terms of the impact. About a month ago, she found out that not only did she have cataracts, but that there are three types and in the last six months each had shown up. She had her right eye done yesterday and after wearing glasses most of her life, she has near-perfect vision in that eye. The procedure itself is actually quite non-invasive and painless; the worst part of it is having to wear a clear plastic shield over the eye the first day, then every night for a week. Kind of a pain, but not much actual pain. But for the first time in her life, she'll soon be totally free of glasses, except perhaps for reading. Amazing what science can do.

Friday was a planned day off for me, but I still ended up working quite a bit. It was also Mrs. Doohickie's birthday, so after her follow-up visit with the surgeon this afternoon, we went out for ice cream, then had sushi for dinner with the boys.

I didn't get to do a bike ride all week, but I have one planned for the morning, which makes me wonder why I'm sitting at the computer after midnight, talking about my week to a bunch of people I don't know.

Good night all.
I've had a funny old week. Because of the blisters on my foot, I've had to work from home this week because I couldn't get proper shoes on.

There are a lot of changes going on at work, which might ultimately result in my job being made redundant in the next couple of years. The atmosphere in the office is awful, with morale at an all-time low and management pressing on with the changes they've decided to make regardless. It's all very stressful. It's likely I'll be moved to an area of the business where my technical knowledge in a specific field will no longer be needed. And when that area of the business has wound down, well, who knows?

But I'm in a good position financially - I have 16 years service, so would get a decent pay-off. I have no dependents, I'm nearly mortgage free, my car's paid for and I have no debt apart from the mortgage, which will be gone in a year. But I'm 9 years away from the age when I qualify for my pension and I don't want to have to start looking for another job at this stage in life.

I'm hoping that in a year or so TPTB will realise they need people with my level of experience and specialist technical expertise and there'll still be a job for me in the field I'm in now. Nothing will change for a year, probably. But after that, it's all a bit uncertain.

The press has already got hold of the story about these changes, via reviews on (similar to, a jobs portal where, as well as looking for jobs, you can review your employer). Over the last few months the comments posted anonymously by staff have been scathing - but 100% true.

So, a time of uncertainty for me, but I'm also aware that there's not much I can do to control it.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying my garden. My courgettes (zucchini) are growing like mad. I've got dozens of tomatoes that are still green, and my peppers are starting to flourish. I've made a water feature with a half-barrel, a solar fountain and some waterlilies. I have some cheesy colour-changing solar lights. And my 1 fuchsia plants from the supermarket are looking amazing, thanks to all the time I spent pinching out the tips when I first planted them. Today I'm off to buy a hoe to make weeding the raised beds easier.
posted by Senyar 30 July | 03:19
That's the story of our generation, isn't it? Hanging on and hoping you can make it to the end. And Pink Floyd figured it out all those years ago:

Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way.

American way too, bub.
posted by Doohickie 30 July | 15:58
Work insecurity is an awful quiet gnawing feeling.

Wonderful that Mme Doohickie can see. Ice cream and sushi are good.

You two take good care. Love to all.
posted by tangerine 30 July | 16:21
You both are in that situation where something that used to be decent is turning you into the frog in a pot of boiling water. Hugs.
posted by mightshould 31 July | 19:14
It was a busy weekend here. Some friends who have had a tough time financially moved in with us, along with their enormous and wonderful dog. I didn't realize how deeply worried and stressed I was about them until we finally got them under our roof. I feel happier and more free of upset than I have in months and months. Also, so far I have job security and my husband is happy in retirement.

Our particular frog in boiling water situation is my husband's diabetes, which I am really, really hoping to reverse. We have been eating especially healthily lately and I have quietly recruited our friends to the cause.
posted by bearwife 01 August | 13:08
Friday question NOT from the book of questions || A UK mother on her son who has mental health problems