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08 July 2016

Friday question NOT from the Book of Questions So, what's your idea of fun? (As in, something that makes you think, "This s fun!")
I tend to have this thought when riding a rollercoaster with my husband (or generally tooling around fairgrounds with him) and when I am on boat rides.
posted by bearwife 08 July | 10:57
Board game nights with friends!
posted by amro 08 July | 19:53
Anything at home, really.
posted by JanetLand 09 July | 09:17
Anything at JanetLands home, really.
posted by jouke 09 July | 12:45
A new adventure with other people outdoors. Like, boating, whitewater rafting, exploring a new place. I went to an ag fair today and at one point I misheard someone saying "come up and get your tickets to drive a new tractor!" And I was like oh, wow, I totally want to drive a tractor! They weren't really doing it; I misheard. But something novel like that, an exciting unusual opportunity to do something physical in the world, is what is fun for me.
posted by Miko 09 July | 23:09
I can't remember.
posted by Pips 10 July | 06:37
Aww Pips. Feeling blue?
posted by jouke 10 July | 14:33
Doing something with my kids that makes them happy.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 July | 18:44
posted by Melismata 10 July | 21:55
bike rides
posted by gaspode 11 July | 08:01
Interacting with animals - taking my dogs for a walk, playing with my cats, hanging out at the children's areas at zoos, the little 'pet a stingray' pools some aquariums have, etc.
posted by Fig 11 July | 10:01
Bird watching..even if it takes me forever to finally get a decent picture of whatever bird has caught my attention. And spending time just walking in nature. And reading really old tombstones. All kinds of fun, to me.
posted by redvixen 11 July | 20:25
Dancing to 1970s disco music. Yeah, sue me, I love disco. LOVE IT!
posted by Senyar 12 July | 11:03
Senyar, we may not be able to be friends anymore. ; )
posted by Pips 12 July | 12:34
Yeah, jouke, just indulging a little self-pity is all. Turning 50 on Thursday and no special plans. (Jon has to work, and my family seems to have forgotten me; of course, my mom turns 101 later this month, so I certainly don't blame her. Plus Jon and I are going on a cruise in August, when he has vacation time, so boo-hoo, right?)
posted by Pips 12 July | 12:41
You youngster, Pip. Rejoice on entering the era of wisdom and continued mobility, and of course do something tomorrow that makes you think, This is Fun!

Also, Senyar, I see you have a Fatal Flaw. And here I thought you were perfect.
posted by bearwife 13 July | 10:19
Thanks, bearwife. Actually, due to some procrastination on my part and available appointment times, I get to go to the DMV to renew my driver's license tomorrow (it expires on my birthday), which I find hilarious. Shouldn't take long, though, with the appointment, and I did get a spiffy new pair of glasses yesterday, so hopefully I can pass the eye exam (I only have one fully functioning eye, since the mini-stroke last fall, and it needed new glasses, so, fingers crossed).
posted by Pips 13 July | 10:54
Er is er een jarig, hoera, hoera,
dat kun je wel zien dat is zij! (all point at Pips)

Happy birthday Pips!
posted by jouke 13 July | 15:23
Heh. : )
posted by Pips 13 July | 15:46
Who does this sound like? || Love to pjern