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14 May 2016

Mecha crosspost thread Since most of us are cheating on this venerable site with social media, post the last few mecha-shareable items you've posted elsewhere[More:]

1) We made some delicious chicken, which would not be that remarkable except that it's the beginning of my baking career. (I think when I was in the U.S. I baked a pasta kit I got from a supermarket shelf? I don't think that counts though.) Image

2) I saw Batman v Superman a couple days ago. Unlike many reviewers, I liked it, but admittedly in retrospect the plot was a bit disorganized.
I just scrolled through my own FB feed (I don't look at my own feed very much), and a most of it is taken up by pictures from my recent trip to Iceland. The last article I actually posted was over a week ago, and it is about the former head of the Brazilian chamber of deputies (lower house of congress) who was ousted on corruption charges, but not before he led the chamber on a presidential witch hunt. I'd post it here, but it's not in English.

Scrolling back even further, I found this article about jet powered hoverboards.
posted by msali 14 May | 16:11
Hmm. A lot of my facebook feed is just silly memes, or chronicling my daughter's obsession with Hamilton. I had a higher bar for MeCha!

posted by gaspode 15 May | 00:00
I have a facebook account, and an instagram account, but they are only used to look at pictures of small children I am related to. Sometimes I make comments, but I haven't posted anything to facebook for a couple of years I think.
posted by JanetLand 15 May | 12:01
I have a Facebook account that I use mainly to keep up with some folks who only use it to keep up with other folks and I also thought I would keep up with some other folks who post too much (so I end up blocking their feed). There's nothing interesting in my life and I am not sharing every little boring thing with the world.

The last post I made was something I already posted here.
posted by mightshould 15 May | 17:15
How I hate Facebook. I look at it very rarely and never put up any of my own stuff there. I do tweet occasionally. Very occasionally.
posted by bearwife 15 May | 19:26
Blu has his own Instagram account, officially so I don't spam my non-dog-loving friends with pictures of the hound on my account, but mostly because I'm just sad like that :)
posted by ARobotNinja 16 May | 04:41
OK, I have a couple (also, hi, first MeCha comment!)

1. I took a series of lovely photos of my orange tabby, Riker; one of these had his face half-shrouded in darkness and made him look positively evil. So here it is.

2. I recently discovered my very, very favorite hot sauce in the entire world (Nali sauce, out of Malawi) is available for purchase online through an Australian distributor. Last week, it arrived in the mail! Here's my celebratory tweet.
posted by duffell 17 May | 21:07
posted by Obscure Reference 18 May | 08:57
Sorry. Try this instead.
posted by Obscure Reference 18 May | 09:00
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