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18 March 2016

Friday Question NOT from the Book of Questions What was your favorite musical group when you were 11-15 years old?
The Beatles. No question.
posted by octothorpe 18 March | 15:29
Musical Youth (shut up!!)
posted by ramix 18 March | 15:33
Yeah, Beatles here too.
posted by Miko 18 March | 15:35
Well, the theme for our 8th grade graduation dance was Stairway to Heaven, and I distinctly remember my best friend Beth and I screaming a duet of Dashboard Lights at said dance (we were 13, though I admit I still scream-sing along to that song). I also knew the entire libretto to Grease at the time, having seen it in the theatre seven times (twice in one night). The same Beth also force-fed me the Bee-Gees (she owned every 45), which is a testament to my devotion to her.
posted by Pips 18 March | 15:49
Simon and Garfunkle.

But I confess I had a big crush on Michael Nesmith of the Monkees.
posted by bearwife 18 March | 16:46
well, since my age 11-15 closely corresponded to 1967-1970,
≡ Click to see image ≡
the obvious answer is The Beatles, but my musical preferences were highly fractured, ranging from The Monkees to The Doors, with Simon & Garfunkel nurturing a love of Folk/Rock and Sly and the Family Stone introducing me to FUNK (but I always kept a couple Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass albums available if my parents got too near). Still, I had just as many Comedy and Novelty records as anything* and most of them at that time were credited to solo artists (Alan Sherman, Stan Freberg, Tom Lehrer), so I COULD say The Firesign Theater, even though I wasn't thoroughly INTO them until almost College Age.
≡ Click to see image ≡

* I WAS later recruited to do a "Dr. Demento-like" show on my college radio station AND when I met the Good Dr. with a stack of records under my arm, he told me I had one he didn't and borrowed it from me... one of my highest honors.
posted by oneswellfoop 18 March | 19:19
Abba. Still is, in fact.
posted by Melismata 18 March | 19:44
Hmm, I didn't really get into pop until 12 or 13. Before that it was all oldies and show tunes. But then HANSON came along!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 March | 21:52
New Kids on the Block, Paula Abdul, and En Vogue
posted by bluesapphires 18 March | 23:40
Probably Madonna but I honestly can't remember. I may not have had a favorite.
posted by amro 19 March | 07:33
The Osmonds, starting when I was 12 or 13. I still love Donny.
posted by Senyar 19 March | 13:45
When I was ten, I got a new best friend. She came with an older brother who was *so cool* and *so dreamy*. Because I followed him around, I got introduced to Talking Heads, early U2 and The Cure. I was inexplicably cool with my music taste at that age.

I have gotten progressively less cool as the years have gone by.
posted by gaspode 19 March | 15:24
I'm not sure that I had an actual favourite, but I was madly in love with Suzi Quatro for a long time. I suspect that was more to do with hormones than music though. Other then that, the usual Queen, Bowie, Peter Frampton etc.
posted by dg 19 March | 15:35
Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
posted by Hugh Janus 19 March | 19:25
Pet Shop Boys. I thought West End Girls was an impossibly cool song. I still do. That was also about the same time I heard "Love Cats" by The Cure, which started a lifelong love of all things The Cure. The Cure were my gateway drug band.
posted by msali 19 March | 21:08
ABBA and Barry Manilow.
posted by JanetLand 20 March | 07:54
I forgot Barry Manilow-- I used to play Mandy on my clarinet. I had a BIG crush on Shaun Cassidy, too. So cute.

(Forgive me, but I loathe ABBA. Makes my skin crawl.)
posted by Pips 20 March | 08:19
I loathed ABBA until I saw Mamma Mia, induced by my slightly younger ABBA-loving sister. Now I have a soft spot for them, but I developed it decades late.
posted by bearwife 20 March | 13:08
Meat Loaf and Chicago. I STILL play Meat Loaf albums frequently.
posted by redvixen 20 March | 16:36
At 11, Michael Jackson, The Knack, Cheap Trick.
Lennon was murdered when I was in 7th grade, which got me listening to the Beatles and other 60s music for the next few years.

15 was when I became a die-hard Bowie fan, which led me to the Velvet Underground/ Lou Reed and Mott the Hoople.
posted by brujita 20 March | 18:39
I tried to get really into Pearl Jam (that was right when Ten came out) because of a Boy. I did end up liking Temple of the Dog on their own merits.

That was also right when Wayne's World came out, and I developed the deep and abiding love for Queen that continues to this day. If I could name a favorite song of all time, "Under Pressure" has probably held that spot since I bought Queen's Greatest Hits. Again, considering the time (and my relative lack of musical experience, since I grew up in a house that played classical/talk NPR 24/7), hearing the intro I only knew as "Ice Ice Baby" resolve into a realy beautiful, painful and yet triumphant song was a revelation.
posted by Madamina 21 March | 10:21
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