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13 August 2015

This is the thread where we name Mightshould's new kittens.
So, Mightshould has adopted two kittens, who are both boys. One has a sort-of interim name, and the other is waiting for his name.

This lovely little boy needs a formal name to match his tuxedo. At the moment he is Bond, James Bond, but I think mightshould is open to other options.

≡ Click to see image ≡

And this little darling was abandoned in a garden center, so he needs a name with a plant or garden theme.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Senyar 13 August | 15:53
The first one says, Batkitty to me. The second looks like a Zazzle. ;-)
posted by Splunge 13 August | 18:11
I still vote either Bond and Jaws or Bond and Pan.
posted by bearwife 13 August | 19:26
I choose Bertie (after Bertie Wooster) for the tux boy and Parsley for the garden boy.
posted by Senyar 13 August | 19:51
Yes! Kitten names are a great idea!
Tuxedo boy is all dash and zoom. Unless he's asleep, he moves too fast for photos.

The maine coon (?) One is a bit more shy and quiet, but he's probably going to be big when full grown. He was in isolation for three days while I gave him wormer and cleaned him up and made sure he knew about litter box.

Tuxedo story: A co-worker found him in Savannah, where he was tied by a rope around hiw neck by a panhandler who was using the kitty to elicit donations. Kitty was filthy and covered with fleas and starving. She ended up paying the guy 50$ just to get the kitty, but could not keep it in her apartment.

posted by mightshould 13 August | 21:04
Tuxedo's humble origins add a new wrinkle to the narrative.

Perhaps we could name him "Fitty", like the rapper "Fitty Cent" because his freedom cost fifty bucks.

I can't think of garden names for the garden cat, largely because I am thoroughly ignorant of the horticultural arts. So I'll just call him "Shaggy."
posted by jason's_planet 13 August | 21:33
Garden kitty should be "Rhody" short for rhododendron, just bc I like those flowers :)

Tux kitty, yes I like Bertie, good call Senyar. Or Clive. I dunno. Clive works for me.
posted by gaspode 13 August | 21:49
I also like Bertie or Bond for Mr. Tuxedo Cat but the other kitty, who's all floofy and found in a garden center is clearly Shrub.
posted by msali 14 August | 09:32
So pretty and tawny -- Shrub? How about Mahonia after the pretty flowering yellow shrub.
posted by bearwife 14 August | 11:05
Bertie Wooster is perfect for tuxedo boy. And the abbreviation is BW for his colors.

I think the other kitty must be Jeeves.
posted by mightshould 17 August | 18:24
posted by Senyar 19 August | 13:03
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