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16 May 2015

Fabulous day here. After I finished work, a friend who's visiting picked me up and we went to late lunch and enjoyed decadent fresh made vidalia onion rings and burgers. Ran a couple of errands then came home and took a rare but much needed nap.

Later in the day, I replaced the ignition coils in car (easy fix.)
Late in the day hung out laundry and took cat out in her harness; then we sat out while kitty explored. The weather was perfect : low 70's, light breeze and few bugs. We finished the day sitting out there eating cheese and crackers accompanied by nice wine and jazz music. Overall, a beautiful day.
Sounds lovely! Overcast and cool here, a sort of day I like, especially when it has been preceded by overly warm days. Caught up on TV and reading.
posted by initapplette 16 May | 20:49
That does sound very nice! I am very glad you had such a nice day. The unexpectedly nice day is an amazing gift. You definitely had one coming. I hope tomorrow is just as nice!
posted by msali 16 May | 22:46
Days like that make me think of the Lou Reed song.
posted by jouke 17 May | 08:38
That sounds lovely. I've had a nice day today so far. I met a friend for breakfast at a local Turkish restaurant - they do an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet of lovely food, all freshly made, wonderful hot rolls stuffed with cheese and olives, platters of salads, hummous, nuts, dates cheeses, meats, hot dishes, fruit ... oooh, it was lovely. Then I did a bit of last-minute shopping, as I'm going on holiday tomorrow. It's a beautiful day here today, warm, sunny, light breeze. Lucy is sunning herself outside and I'm just having a coffee before I give myself a pedicure. I have the next ten days off work, and will be visiting a few bunnies on the East Coast.
posted by Senyar 17 May | 08:46
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