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13 April 2015

In which lightning strikes twice [More:] The posted link was from back in December when Facebook and neighbors (including me) helped a dog find its way home.

It happened again today. Sunday, a neighbor was walking by while I was doing yard work and asked whether I was missing a Saint Bernard. She had the dog with her; I had a bowl handy and gave him some water.

I posted up about the dog on Facebook and it wasn't long before a friend brought to my attention a post from a local Lost and Found Dog page of what looked like the same dog, last seen not too far from my house.

It had to be the same dog. I didn't know how to contact the woman who had the dog though (she is one of the anonymous neighbors that just walks the neighborhood for exercise).

On the telephone pole in my yard I posted the picture from the FB post and the name of the group, with a note to the woman who found it so hopefully should would see it and contact the woman looking for the dog.

Now here's the odd part of the story: I met the owner, a middle-aged guy who had two dogs. He had the other dog with him and had driven by just as I was hanging the poster. He said they got out of the yard and someone who works at the local gas station found them and took them home. She located the owner somehow (I never heard that part) but before he could collect the dogs, the Saint Bernard knocked a screen out of a window and ran off.... which is why she was looking for it (it was her post on FB).

But in the post she made it sound like she was the owner.

Kind of puzzling.

Anyway, my neighbor saw the sign I posted and got the dog to her. The girl searching for the dog sent me a friend request on FB, and tonight she posted that they'd found the dog.

The rest of the story is that the middle-aged guy had two dogs only because he promised his dying neighbor he would look after his Saint Bernard. So even though he didn't necessarily want him, he took him in.

The girl who found the dogs fell in love with the Saint Bernard. When the caretaker guy came to pick up the dogs and the other dog had gotten out again, he told her that if she found the dog she could keep him. So because the dogs got out, the Saint Bernard has a new forever home.
And here he is

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Doohickie 13 April | 22:28
You must have "good dog" karma! Dogs in need seem to find you!

(I wonder how it would work if you ever got "lost". Would dogs come to the rescue?)
posted by mightshould 14 April | 06:57
I doubt it.

I got a little more detail.... it wasn't that she got a call from my neighbor, it's that I mentioned the neighbor said something about taking the dog to a vet. So the woman that was looking for the dog called all the vets in the area and found him.
posted by Doohickie 14 April | 07:12
Well, the St. Bernard would find you -- that's what they do. :)
posted by JanetLand 14 April | 19:03
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