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13 December 2014

Neighborliness + Intarwebz = WIN! [More:] So. Last night I was walking my dog. There was a guy out looking for his lost dog. He told me what the dog looked like and his address, but I only caught the number. I kept an eye out for the dog but didn't see him.

This morning I was idly surfing my Facebook feed when I saw a picture that dog. Here's how it came to be on my feed:

Someone found the dog and posted it to the "Justin/ Denton/ Fort Worth Area Dog-Supplies / Lost/ Found / Buy/ Sell" group. This is a very, very large area that would take more than an hour to drive across. Still, since it said found in South Ft Worth, an anonymous dog lover in the Fairmount Neighborhood (in the Near Southside of Ft Worth, about 8 miles north of me) group shared it there. A friend of mine who doesn't even live in that neighborhood shared the picture on her feed, which is where I saw it and instantly recognized the dog from the description.

So I posted up on the thread, but the only info I had was the house number from the address (I didn't catch the street). From the number I could tell it was a north-south street which was fortunate because most of the homes in my neighborhood are numbered on the east-west streets. I posted the number and the street I thought it was on.

I decided to go over to the house and when I did I met the woman who'd found the dog. The street I thought it was didn't actually have that address, but one block over (and right across from the finder's house) did match the number.

I'd printed out the picture so if they answered the door I could ask them if that was their dog. They weren't home, so we left the printout at their door and the finder scribbled a phone number on it.

About a half hour later they posted up on Facebook saying the the owners came home, called, and have their dog back.

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posted by Doohickie 13 December | 15:12
Hurray! What a darling doggy.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 13 December | 17:02
I'm not a pug person, but yeah it was a pretty nice dog.

The night before there was someone else looking for their dog and after all this happened I think I sighted that one, too. I called it by name (Gizmo) and it looked at me but wouldn't come up to me. So when I'm walking the dogs tonight I think I'll drop by that house and let them know where I saw Gizmo (it was only a couple blocks from their house.
posted by Doohickie 13 December | 18:45
Yay, what a great result. I love how the internet can solve a puzzle and return treasured pets or belongings to their owners.

I once found an Italian ID card in the street, traced the person via FB, contacted her, our very own msali translated a message into Italian for me and I sent it through the post to her and got a sweet card in return.
posted by Senyar 14 December | 11:04
Lovely! (And, yeah, that's a photogenic pug.)
posted by mightshould 16 December | 05:21
(Non grim) Friday Question from the Book of Questions || This is the cutest Christmas TV ad I've ever seen.