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14 March 2015

So, the wedding went well... Some of you may remember that my eldest daughter was about to get married.[More:] That happened a couple of days ago and, now I'm back home, I thought I'd share a few snaps. These are a bit of a mish-mash of photos from various sources.

The wedding was at Villa Kalyana, on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. Obviously, the location means it was a small wedding in terms of people attending, but it really was a spectacular couple of days in a magical place. The happy couple are now winging their way to Rome for four weeks of driving around Europe.
post by: dg at: 07:14 | 10 comments
Mazel tov!
posted by brujita 14 March | 07:59
Wow, that looks lovely. Congratulations to your daughter and her new husband!
posted by gaspode 14 March | 08:57
posted by arse_hat 14 March | 12:28
Looks like a gorgeous, fun wedding. Your daughter was a genuinely beautiful bride, too.
posted by bearwife 14 March | 18:37
Damn, gorgeous! Why Thailand? Do they have a special connection?
posted by Miko 14 March | 23:07
Yes, she was a beautiful bride. Which is kind of odd, because she looks nothing like her mother and her features are pretty much all mine, just put together in a dramatically different way ;-)

Miko, they've visited Thailand several times with friends and, as far as I know, just fell in love with the venue. It's perfectly suited for an event like this - they were able to book the whole facility and all the guests stayed there for three days, with every whim catered for by the staff there.

'Destination weddings' are a bit of a thing anyway. Given the huge cost of putting on a traditional wedding, it was also significantly cheaper for them to do this even though they paid all the costs for the three days (guests just had to get there). Given the majority of people aren't going to attend a wedding like this, it also ensures a much more intimate, relatively low-pressure event than a traditional wedding. Holding the wedding itself at the same place everyone was staying removed a whole lot of potential logistic issues and allowed everyone to just relax and enjoy this special time. About 30 people attended, which I think was just perfect and, perhaps because only people who really wanted to be there were there, everyone got along and had a great time.

Probably the biggest issue was getting all the 'stuff' needed for a wedding to and from the venue (obviously not furniture or decorations etc - these were done by a local wedding organiser). Because they were heading off on a honeymoon after the wedding, they couldn't take any of it back with them, so it was parcelled out amongst the guests to bring home (I brought the dresses as carry-on baggage). Of course, there's always the possibility that something might get left behind on the way over. Something like, perhaps, the bride's veil ...
posted by dg 15 March | 04:27
Lovely event! The pics tell a delightful story. Thanks for sharing.
posted by mightshould 15 March | 05:44
Oh how lovely. The sunset photo is stunning.
posted by Senyar 15 March | 10:47
Nice. We had a sort of modified version of "destination wedding" - it was in our region, but we were based at a vacation rental for five days with our families - and I agree that lent a lot to the intimacy. We were trying to walk a line between wanting a lot of our good friends there and not going crazy and having 200 people we'd never have time to speak to. I can totally understand picking a really distant travel location to really focus the people who attend on those who are closest. It must have been really relaxing. But yeah, the stuff! Having just gone through it, I can barely imagine the list-making and the complexities of going through customs and flight security.
posted by Miko 16 March | 21:47
Gorgeous setting, and I'm in love with the sunset photo. Congratulations to the happy couple!
posted by redvixen 22 March | 20:06
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