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13 March 2015

Variable tastes and i mean the stuff you put in your mouth[More:]

I've noticed my sense of taste changes drastically and so far i can't find any definite reason why (smoking or pine nuts or what have you.) Does anyone else have or notice this?

I'm wondering if there are cyclic or seasonal things, or health related things, not to the extent of pica but there have been times when in different states of health I've been too sensitive to the massive amount of salt in US restaurants (I suspect with a usually drunkish clientele) for instance or something tastes wonderfully flavorful and complex the first time but blah the next. Then there are times when even though I'm very hungry, it doesn't disguise that what I've been offered isn't very good and times i know i couldn't fully appreciate something.

I think it's common for women to be more aware of tastes and smells but someone correct me if that's changed in the common wisdom. Also, I'm aware that I do seem to experience and enjoy far more radical shifts in tastes and experience than many people, so I'm wondering if some people are more "fixed" than others, bio/socio/psycho/xlogically.

As I bring this up, the sudden spring has caused the local water to be notably disgusting. Luckily, as a child of the ever looming apocalypse, I have emergency water for such occasions.

Extra question: does anyone have a thing they find reliably delicious or effective, like how some people have a food, song, movie, comic book, etc. that always "works" for them? Is it the actual thing or is the associations with the thing?
If that first cup of coffee doesn't taste right, then I know there's something up. The first mouthful of the first cup of the day ... there's no finer taste for me. I always brew it the same way, so if the taste is off, there's something wrong with me, not the coffee.
posted by Senyar 14 March | 01:59
I make the same simple burrito for lunch almost every day, and it's always delicious; I never get tired of it.
posted by JanetLand 14 March | 09:52
"There can be no peace until they renounce their Duck God and accept our Rabbit God." || "Duh/no duh/doy/no doubt/guy"