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24 May 2014

Weekend 3-point update.
Fuck this iPad. Everything I wrote on the MI has gone, although it showed up on preview.
posted by Senyar 24 May | 18:50
yes, I get that with metachat as well. The text is shown on preview but is sometimes? lost in the comment field.
posted by jouke 24 May | 18:54
I managed to navigate back and found the text in the comment box before it was eaten by this frigging machine. So, my 3 points are ...

1. Birthday celebrations continue. After a lovely dinner on Thursday with 10 of my closest friends, I went greyhound racing last night. Most of my dogs came in second, but as I'd made win, not place, bets, I was losing money until my dog in the last race came good and so I left the track on a break-even.

2. This evening I saw "Good People" at the NoŽl Coward Theatre in London. Fantastic play. We also had a lovely pre-show dinner at Balan's in Soho.

3. Tomorrow is a very special lunch - at St John, Ferguson Henderson's nose-to-tail restaurant in Smithfield. (For this week at least I've abandoned my healthy eating and mostly vegan diet, back on it next week, for sure.)
posted by Senyar 24 May | 18:54
Exactly, jouke. I had to copy and paste it twice, once from the back-navigated tab, and then from the preview back into the comment box. No doubt I'll have to do the same with this comment too.

Ah, no, the preview box shows the text this time so it should be okay.
posted by Senyar 24 May | 18:57
Mine worked. I've not had this problem but I'm on a proper computer, well, laptop. I've also never had the doubles problem some people seem to have regularly.
posted by ethylene 24 May | 19:33
1. Did some work on the bathroom window that's sitting up on saw-horses in the garage while I strip and refinish the wood. Wife is getting a little impatient about the fact that there's been a sheet of plywood for two years in the hole where our bathroom window should be.

2. Went on a hour long walk up the hillside neighborhood nearby to hang out at the scenic overlook. Fitbit says that we walked the equivalent of 43 stories of steps. Got tacos on the walk back. Yum.

3. Saw Blade Runner last night in tiny little brand new theater that is opening up in a neighborhood across the river. I gave a few bucks to their Indigogo campaign last year so they had a free preview last night to test out the equipment and thank supporters. The theater is so tiny that it's not much different than watching a big screen TV but atmosphere is great and they have Southern Tier on tap in the concession stand.
posted by octothorpe 24 May | 20:35
Was it without the voice over? I remember seeing that cut when it came to the theatre. I think I was in Colorado at the time.

1. Lessee, what did i do yesterday... I think i got up predawn and did a bunch of stuff before finally making myself go to the store and running errands midday. Been have a time making myself run errands and stocking up supplies so I will keep putting it off until it can be put off no longer and i've already ordered delivery because i can make nothing out of a single can of beans and a packet of yeast but it stalled for another day or two.

I've been having all kinds of health issues since that SUV totaled my car and i'm so not healthy, because that's what happens when you can't do much of anything for the bulk of a year, but i've never been a fan of daylight and usually have to resort to strict regimens to maintain a consistent day schedule, yet little around here is open after 5-10pm. Esp. with the heat and long light, i'll find myself feeling sick by afternoon when i'm doing days. This just adds to the reasons why I put off running simple errands: things are not stocked or available in off hours but then often they're still that way during usual hours no matter what times I try. I've tried them all. There's really no excuse except everybody is a bunch of hacks. There's no over educated staff issues around here. /lil venty rant rant

2. Yesterday a friend finally had a window so we could see each other today, because I'm all over the place and she has two kids and night hours. So we finally got to bop around to a few places and try this asian fusion restaurant that has been open a year. Restaurants are super tricky around here, they're hard period but great places will just die because people are stupid and boring. This place was surprisingly good with Malaysian, Thai and Japanese. The waitress was so cool we traded numbers and she sent over free "wrong" dumplings that were better than the ones we ordered. Then we were too full to eat our main entrees. We were too starved to do much before, then we were too full to do stuff, then my friend had to hightail it home to her kids. She always looks good but I think this is the first time i saw her looking like something other than a harried mother/worker in a year. I said something to that effect when she walked in that was not quite "those aren't scrubs or sweats!" or "ooh, sparkly and awake!" but in between. She's sent me her schedule so I'm going to figure out how we can do something on a regular basis, even if I have to turn it into a project. I may finally make our weird reviews more public or something.

Then i caught up on stuff, sent emails, etc. while typing stuff like this hither and nigh. Now i hope i can watch Orphan Black, which I keep thinking is on Friday and get all pissed about not being able to watch until i remember it's not on yet. Again. It better be Felix and Alison heavy.

3. I wasn't planning on it but tomorrow or Monday i may try to catch some Memorial Day sales, which it only occurred to me were going on as i was trying to figure out how to do a I get this for you/you get this for me thing with a friend so she can get these discounts and freebies. I'm all about discounts and freebies. Sending her sites to refer from, I just realized my usual at least 40% off was up to at least %75-- what am I missing?

I have two modes of shopping: whimsical i don't have to worry la la la I know I can blow some money or laser focused the best price without ridiculous effort get this thing I need. I can usually do a bit of the former if i do the latter, but mostly it's the latter. I know there is stuff i need that I haven't been thinking about or just don't want to do because it's not adding to a long term interest but it's just too damn bad.

Oh, and setting up the stupid new printer. I'm just typing that to confirm that's getting done because i've been blowing that off for EVER. Definitely this, possibly the other as i do some research. Anything else is just being played as it lies. Forgetting that it was a holiday weekend means i forgot what is crowded and what is not. I can anticipate the hoi polloi flocking away from places with shocking accuracy, the sole blessing of a herd mentality. How I love deserted hours and private museum tours.

Now is Monday a UK bank holiday?

I think that sake make me tired. maybe i should hit post now.
posted by ethylene 24 May | 22:25
1, 2 and 3: knocked flat out with a really, really bad cold. Nothing warranting medical attention but I feel like death warmed over. Wish me luck. :-/
posted by workerant 25 May | 00:08
1. So tired from work that I just went to bed shortly after I got home last night. This is kind of unusual. I have a new job and I'm really loving it but it's incredibly demanding and I"m starting to notice that it's taking a bit of toll.

2. Went with my partner to see Godzilla in IMAX 3D. It wasn't the best movie by a long shot, but it was incredibly fun. Totally have a crush on the vaguely Shatner-esque actor who played the main character's father. It was perversely exhilarating seeing the city I live in reduced to rubble. And it was a cool date-movie kind of thing to do, which my partner and I should probably do more of.

3. Getting stuff ready for tomorrow for the online-only "radio" show I'm a part of, which focuses on SF Bay Area poets. Tomorrow is a bit of a heavy thing because a poet we were close to recently passed away and we're having a memorial show for her. The beautiful thing is that we've got a big group of people who were close to her, all of whom will be reading from her works.
posted by treepour 25 May | 01:43
I'm visiting old friends of my parents today in the 'deep south' of the Netherlands.
We'll be visiting the Eben-Emael fortress in Belgium.
The big fortress was deemed impenetrable and was essential in blocking Hitlers route into Belgium and, indirectly, France.
The Germans silently landed on it in the night using gliders and entered it using the new technology of hollow explosives.
It's going to be a beautiful day; lots of sun. So this will be fun.
posted by jouke 25 May | 01:44
1) It's a 3 day weekend here in the US; husband left for a 3 week work trip so it's just me and the kid here.

2) I transplanted my tomato seedlings outside; 2 of them immediately went limp and likely died. I can plant more seeds outside to start over with those varieties but they'll be a month behind and our growing season here is short. Hope the others survive.

3) Taking kid to the zoo today. It's going to be perfectly sunny and warm but not too warm. He's really excited to see the monkeys. I love that he's always up for an adventure.
posted by Kangaroo 25 May | 07:12
1. I have been in Key West for the last few days, with some friends I've known for over 30 years, who are trying to help me get over the horribleness of being 50.

2. We have been drinking.

3. We have been drinking.
posted by JanetLand 25 May | 07:35
Was it without the voice over? I remember seeing that cut when it came to the theatre. I think I was in Colorado at the time.

No voice-over and no (unambiguous) happy ending.
posted by octothorpe 25 May | 10:50
1. Went to the matinee Friday to see the new Xmen movie, which was actually decent. There were a lot of very geeky types there, many of them alone.

2. Had dinner last night with some former clients who we became good friends with and they're clients again. Had a fabulous time sitting on the deck, drinking wine & being generally silly idiots.

3. I've become addicted to listening to baseball games on the radio. Very relaxing.

4. It's prime afternoon napping hour, which I"m going to do instead of work on the 4 design projects that are all on fire & urgently in need of attention. Sleeping fixes everything.
posted by chewatadistance 25 May | 13:39
1. Sesame Place.

2. Elmo. Cookie. Big Bird. Murray. The Count. Abbey. O is meeting all his favorites and having the best time.

3. I've been using expired sunblock all day. That might be a mistake.
posted by stynxno 25 May | 13:41
1. Drove down to Dallas to see a cousin I hadn't seen for 13 years. (She'd flown down from Idaho for work) Babies at the wedding we attended are now surly teens.

2. Speaking of which, my nearly surly tweens beat the pants off us at night bowling.

3. Tummy stuffed with the hottest wings around, no alcohol because of my stupid kidney infection, ears stuffed with music because I can only take so much Disney Channel before I want to scream.

Sorry to hear about your 'to-do' problems, eth. I have no idea about the sunbock, stynxno, but I don't remember problems myself.
posted by lysdexic 25 May | 20:57
Senyar, I've had that problem on my iPad too, but never on an actual PC. Not just here, though, but usually when my connection is poor or variable (eg on the rare train with no WiFi). I usually copy the text of the comment before submitting it, just in case.

Not the weekend any more, but:
1. Turns out having two teenage daughters is about a gazillion times harder than one - they're like a whole different species that look like humans but act like, well, I don't know what.

2. Found out through the grapevine that the work project I put my hand up for has been allocated to me, now wondering when my boss is actually going to tell me, given she's told other people. So, new job for 4-5 months running a project with potentially huge implications for the industry. No pressure though ;-).

3. Taking one of the aforementioned teenage daughters for her Learner Licence test this afternoon. Kind of scary - I remember teaching my eldest daughter to drive, with the scariest thing being her inability to mentally tell left from right. Scenario - I say 'turn left up here', she takes both hands off wheel and makes 'L' shapes with them to work out which way is left, I scream and my hair turns slightly greyer. Second-eldest has the same problem telling left from right ...
posted by dg 26 May | 16:19
dg -- maybe you could draw an L and an R on the backs of your daughter's hands before you take the car out?
posted by JanetLand 26 May | 16:32
3 day weekend here, and I'm holding on to "still the weekend" even though it's not really!

1. Went with my dad to see the new X-Men movie, and we all enjoyed it. Also took him to a small arcade bar in search of the best burger in Atlanta - all reports were correct, and it really *is* the best burger in Atlanta. yum!

2. A friend came over and played board games and had dinner with us yesterday - it's been a while since we visited with him, so that was nice.

3. Managed to do some long overdue cleaning, and also finished (except the hem) a skirt I started working on two months ago, and then had to put aside. I have to let the fabric hang out, and then I can hem it later this week.
posted by needlegrrl 26 May | 17:42
1. We are having this addition added, a separate building in the back yard. I had to dig a trench yesterday because it was determined that the existing electric line would not work for a heater out there. So a new beefier line for the heater and to save on the bill, I dug the trench.

2. Sand doubles volleyball AND a hike today. Plus dismantled the old gas barbeque and pipecleanered and blew out everything I could find and now the coveted blue flame again.

3. Wife suggested that we watch Possession later tonight. Since we are both English majors, well, she has something in mind for after the movie. :-)
posted by danf 26 May | 21:07
Good idea JanetLand! Might have to get someone to hold her down first, though - don't think she'll allow that voluntarily ;-)
posted by dg 26 May | 23:31
Oh, also, I was talking to eldest daughter a couple of weeks ago and mentioned this - she's 27 now and still does it! Except she's learned to do it in her head because her friends used to laugh at her.
posted by dg 26 May | 23:33
Update - she passed her test and is now officially a driver. I'm a little scared.
posted by dg 27 May | 06:15
1. Helped my sister and her husband move apartments - they were going to do it themselves and asked my dad to come in and help and I thought that was crazy so I hired 2 movers as a surprise gift for her. It went smoothly and I think they realized how bad it would have been without real help. My dad is in good shape for his age but asking him to carry boxes?! I thought that was weird and not a good idea. Plus, I think if you are spending a ton on rent, you should suck it up and spend a little more on moving help. She's a real adult with real furniture. She's been in her own little bubble for the past few months and is not being the thoughtful and considerate person she normally is. I hope this spell breaks soon, I miss my old sister.
Her new place is close to where she was living, but much bigger so I hope she will like it. It has kind of a weird layout but I think they are ok with it.

2. Found out last week that my aunt has terminal cancer. This sucks. Her daughter had a (luckily removed) cancer issue in November and we are all just recovering from that, and now she has it. She seems so healthy and wasn't having symptoms but apparently it is now so far gone and has spread so much already that they can't even tell where it originated. She went to the doctor with blurry vision thinking she just needed new glasses but they found tons of cancer instead. This scares me so much. That side of the family has had cancer in every single branch except my immediate family so far (knock on wood).

3. Went to the beach and hung out with some friends at a bbq after for Memorial Day. It was pretty nice and relaxing to get away from the family stuff for a little while.
posted by rmless2 27 May | 13:48
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