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21 May 2014

Backing into a parking space? Do you back into parking spaces (esp. in parking decks)? If you do, why?

People back into spaces in my parking deck all the time, and I really don't understand it - it almost always takes longer (they often have to back in and out several times to get straight).

Maybe it's just that I'm not that good at backing into spaces, so I never do it..
So it's easier to leave?
Generally I don't but I will go through spots so my car faces outward and I don't have to back out. Lots of people do not look when they back out or walk behind you, but that could be specific to here where they also do not use turn signals or generally seem to know how to drive or cross the street.
posted by ethylene 21 May | 09:34
It's easier to maneuver in tight spaces when backing up.
posted by mullacc 21 May | 10:12
It's safer to leave the space, and some companies require it for company cars. Some people call it fancy parking, which I find amusing. I currently drive a minivan, and don't even attempt it.
posted by theora55 21 May | 10:57
My reason is the same as mullaccs: I can turn the car in a much tighter circle if I drive backward. So if space is tight, as it often is in parking garages in the NL, I always drive backward into the spot.
posted by jouke 21 May | 11:11
Once you learn to adjust and use your mirrors, reverse is fairly easy and the accuracy is uncanny. Knowing when to stop is a bit of an art form, though.
posted by Ardiril 21 May | 12:10
I always pull through so I'm facing out or back in because my car is a little Honda and I can see more clearly to exit the space (especially when big SUVs park on each side).
posted by mightshould 21 May | 13:14
Parking decks: only if I know I'll be in a hurry to GTFO, like at a baseball game or something. Or like jouke & mullac say, when space is tight.

I'm glad I learned to parallel park, too. I can do it pretty quickly if need be. Backed in, always.
posted by chewatadistance 21 May | 14:16
I usually reverse into a space because I find it simpler, As others have said above, it's so much easier to get in and out of a space that way, particularly in the UK with our narrow parking spaces. The only place in the UK with big parking spaces seems to be Costco.
posted by Senyar 21 May | 18:04
For me, backing in is on my "meh" list. I don't like the way it feels like overthinking. I do like backing - I prided myself on my backing abilities when I drove the giant, no-back-windows van at summer camp, between trees,in the dark, backward. But as for parking spaces, it just holds up everyone else in the row from going where they're going.

Pulling through is convenient and I sometimes do that, but I know that it's actually pretty dangerous - a very common cause of parking lot accidents, because someone turning into the space from the aisle can't see the person coming from the other side trying to pull through...until their bumpers have met.
posted by Miko 21 May | 19:39
I pull through (carefully) but am not a fan of backing in - I never thought about it offering more control.

I remember in driving class, where I could actually weave backwards through the cones - maybe I should practice that again now, 20 years later. ha.

Now I have something to think about while I'm waiting for the people to back into their spaces in my parking deck (other than "ugh! seriously?!").

posted by needlegrrl 22 May | 06:38
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