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31 March 2014

How did you do on your goals in March? did everyone do for their March goals? [More:]

1. I will rock the fuck out of the performances I have this month (3 at the dance convention, one at a halfa the week after the convention).

The convention performances went pretty well, even though there were hiccups with all of them.

Lazuli Bellydance Ensemble (music is super quiet):
Salima, O!:
Aliya's Kismet Dancers:

I was a bit petrified during the AKD performance because when I changed from my SO costume to my AKD one--I ripped a giant hole in my AKD pants. I safetypinned it together since that's all I had time for, but luckily, it's not noticeable in the video. I lost an earring somewhere during the Lazuli costume change, but didn't notice until after the set, and I finished sewing my SO costume...Sunday morning. (It was pinned within an inch of its life since the belt was too big.) The hafla performance was cancelled.

2. I will attend all my obligations this month, including witchery classes.

Yeah, that didn't happen. I missed an AKD rehearsal and had to skip a witchery class for an SO rehearsal.

3. I will deep clean my house before leaving for the dance convention.

I actually managed to get this done!

4. I will finish my paper and turn it in BEFORE THE DEADLINE.

This one was done too, under the wire!
1. I signed back up for Bikram again, so my plan is to go at least three times a week during March. This was going well until I was struck down by flu 10 days ago. I still feel like crap.

2. I've been letting stress at work get to me, so I need to try to not let it affect me. Maybe 1. above will help. I'm right on top of my work and feeling stress-free.

3. That last 15lbs will not shift, so I'm aiming to get at least one-third of the weight off before the end of the month. Thanks to the flu, I'm 8lbs down. I've not been able to eat much but I've been making lots of veggie juice to get some nutrition into me.
posted by Senyar 31 March | 15:19
I'm going to claim partial success.

1. I'm going to lose 5 lbs. I didn't lose 5 pounds, I did lose 3.2 and that's a scale shift in the right direction, so I'm happy with that.

2. Think of more goals for April. Complete and utter failure. Didn't think about this once.
posted by apoch 31 March | 15:29
Total failure.

but April awaits!
posted by bearwife 31 March | 21:05
1. I will make my bed every day, starting today. (part of year of a clean person) I mostly did this - success.

2. I will go to yoga at least once to see if my arm can handle it (silly tennis elbow craft thing. sigh. )
Nope. Still on the list, though!

3. Crafts! I hope to prep some hand sewing stuff to take on the two trips that we're going on, so I can work on it in the car.
Yes! I have several felt bunnies waiting to be stuffed after hand-stitching them together.
posted by needlegrrl 03 April | 05:17
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