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01 March 2014

March Goals! It's that time of the month...time to come up with your goals for the month! [More:]
1. I will rock the fuck out of the performances I have this month (3 at the dance convention, one at a halfa the week after the convention).

2. I will attend all my obligations this month, including witchery classes.

3. I will deep clean my house before leaving for the dance convention.

4. I will finish my paper and turn it in BEFORE THE DEADLINE.
1. I'm going to lose 5 lbs.

2. Think of more goals for April.
posted by apoch 01 March | 15:57
I still need to work on the ones I posted a few months ago. If I hadn't had to go to LA I would have been able to get the clothes that don't fit me anymore to Housing Works.
posted by brujita 01 March | 23:17

1. I will make my bed every day, starting today. (part of year of a clean person)

2. I will go to yoga at least once to see if my arm can handle it (silly tennis elbow craft thing. sigh. )

3. Crafts! I hope to prep some hand sewing stuff to take on the two trips that we're going on, so I can work on it in the car.
posted by needlegrrl 02 March | 11:52
1. I signed back up for Bikram again, so my plan is to go at least three times a week during March.

2. I've been letting stress at work get to me, so I need to try to not let it affect me. Maybe 1. above will help.

3. That last 15lbs will not shift, so I'm aiming to get at least one-third of the weight off before the end of the month. Again, maybe 1. above will help.
posted by Senyar 02 March | 12:27
I seem to be one of those women for whom breastfeeding causes not weight loss but Eating of All The Things. So I'm going to attempt to lose a few pounds, despite being hungry all the time. Plan so far is More Fruit and More Protein.
posted by altolinguistic 02 March | 13:23
So many goals!

Keep dropping weight.

Run, run, run

Practice my Italian

Finnegan's Wake!

Pick up and finish my sweater
posted by bearwife 02 March | 18:34
Also, now that I did an alcohol free February, ver very light consumption this month.
posted by bearwife 02 March | 18:35
1. Stick with my diet and lose a few pounds rather than seesawing back and forth.
2. Do my knee exercises consistently so I can go back to running / walking for more than 30 minutes at at time.
3. Really go forth and make efforts towards a new job so I don't have a 3 hour commute anymore for something I hate anyway.
posted by Sil 03 March | 10:20
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