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28 February 2014

End of February Goal Check In! Alrighty's time to survey the damage done on your goals this month...[More:]

This month, I will...

1. Not fall on my face. I've got events booked pretty much every day (in addition to my usual work schedule).

Yeah, fell on it pretty hard this month. There was a snowstorm and I was cranky and my back hurt and ugh. I've come to the conclusion that I straight up CANNOT keep doing something after work every night of the week. It's just not something I can feasibly do.

2. Not fall into the pattern of eating junk food and neglecting my meditation and prayers.

I didn't meditate much this week at all since I was too busy trying to not fall back asleep in the morning once my alarms go off. And all of last week I pretty much ate nothing but junk food, even though I had tried to plan ahead by making food to eat during the week.

3. Work really strongly on managing my money and not spending frivolously. The dance convention is next month and I would really like to make sure I have some funds set aside in case I see anything super pretty.

Heh. Well, eating junk food certainly didn't help matters, but since I didn't go to as many of my obligations as I needed to, I also didn't spend as much on gas.
Diet, exercise and try to do more social things. Maybe even a date or two.

Diet - yep, back on track, pretty much (except for dinner at The Ivy tonight).

Exercise - not as much as I'd have liked, due to the weather. But I just signed up again for Bikram.

Social Things
- Yes, I've done some, perhaps not as much as I'd have liked. At this time of year people tend to hibernate, and we've had so much rain that it's easier to hole up indoors than brave the elements.

Dating - the least said the better.
posted by Senyar 28 February | 19:36
1. Step count. Count it, get it near my goal. I did ok a couple of days, and I counted it most days.

2. Calories - count them. Try to keep them near goal! (I threw out much of the chocolate in the house today, in addition to buying salad fixings and some fruit, so this may be attainable.) hahaha.

3. Something non-stressful. Maybe meditation? I've never tried it, and it seems like it would be easier to manage than going to yoga class, although I'd like to try that too.
I did a meditation app on my phone one day, which was good.
posted by needlegrrl 02 March | 11:50
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