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01 February 2014

February Goals! It's the 1st, which means that it's time to set up your goals for the month! [More:]

This month, I will...

1. Not fall on my face. I've got events booked pretty much every day (in addition to my usual work schedule).

2. Not fall into the pattern of eating junk food and neglecting my meditation and prayers.

3. Work really strongly on managing my money and not spending frivolously. The dance convention is next month and I would really like to make sure I have some funds set aside in case I see anything super pretty.
Similar things to previous months for me.

Diet, exercise and try to do more social things. Maybe even a date or two.
posted by Senyar 01 February | 18:06
1) survive getting my 83 year old mother with dementia moved into independent living community with my sanity intact.

2) punt.
posted by buttnozzle 01 February | 22:23
Stick with weight loss and Italian.

At least read a little more Finnegan's Wake.
posted by bearwife 02 February | 01:21
Oh, and no alcohol at least until March 1.
posted by bearwife 02 February | 01:21
Oh, buttnozzle - that can be hard. Memail me if you want to chat - we moved my grandmother into much the same situation slightly over a year ago.

February goals!
1. Step count. Count it, get it near my goal.
2. Calories - count them. Try to keep them near goal! (I threw out much of the chocolate in the house today, in addition to buying salad fixings and some fruit, so this may be attainable.)
3. Something non-stressful. Maybe meditation? I've never tried it, and it seems like it would be easier to manage than going to yoga class, although I'd like to try that too.
posted by needlegrrl 02 February | 11:40
1). Heal. Had back surgery on Tuesday and am doing great but still a long way from normal.

2). Hit the ground running in my new job. First day is currently scheduled for the 24th.

3). Manage to enjoy the next few weeks while I can't drive, bend or pickup anything (due to the back surgery). I can walk to a store but I can't carry anything home so there's no point.
posted by octothorpe 02 February | 12:38
Octothorpe...What did you have done? Want to trade incision photos? I have a dandy one of my back all stapled back together.
Healing from back surgery can be lengthy and difficult, depending on what was done. It took me the better part of a year before I was anything close to healed. I wish you well.

As for goals...
1. Stop my brother from stealing our mother's meager income to support his out-of-work and alcoholic ass.
2. Get the ball rolling to get guardianship of our mother.
2. Anything after that is icing.
posted by Thorzdad 02 February | 14:11
I had a discectomy on one of my lumbar disks that was pushing against my sciatic nerve(s). No staples, just a four inch line of superglue holding me together.

Feeling pretty awesome actually (and I'm not taking any drugs), no pain and only a little numbness in my right foot. Just need to stop scratching at the superglue.
posted by octothorpe 02 February | 15:52
That's good to hear. My last back surgery was to repair a ruptured disc between my 10th and 11th thoracic vertebrae. Ended up with a six-inch incision down the middle of my back, cutting a lot of major muscles. Had to re-learn walking upright, and relied on bags of drugs.
posted by Thorzdad 03 February | 08:29
Lose 10lb.

I am not that overweight, but would feel better being 10-15 lb lighter. I am in this 10-week intensive workout-weight loss program in my gym. So far the workouts are kicking my ass, but after just 5 of them, I am starting to feel better. Only 15 to go.

So if I can moderate my food intake some, I should be able to drop a FEW pounds, but 10 would be marvelous.

(BW, I did a no-alcohol January . . .)
posted by danf 03 February | 18:22
I will work out twelve times in the next month.

Eight of these will be strength training.

Four of these will be cardio/conditioning/messing around/what-have-you.
posted by jason's_planet 03 February | 19:59
1. Yoga 2X per week
2. Stick to my running plan
3. Stop Eating All The Things
posted by gaspode 03 February | 20:33
buttnozzle This is one of the hardest things to do in the whole world. I had to do this with my parents and my father's mother. My grandma was the center of our family for so long. But the last days before the home were like hell on Earth. I won't go into details here, because we both know the drill. All I can offer is understanding and hope. Things will get better once she's out of the house. But you must be on the spot at any home you pick. Trust me. I used to work at a nursing home as well as visit my grandma. Check on her regularly. And get friendly with the staff. If they know that you will be coming around they will treat her better. Seriously.

PM me if you feel the need.
posted by Splunge 28 February | 20:40
I had a dream like this || How to hold your hamburger.