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21 February 2014

My new favorite 404 page. I can't understand the language (or even identify it) but just scroll down.
It is Polish, and at the top it says "Page does not exist" in Polish.

But yeah, after that it is pretty entertaining!
posted by bearwife 21 February | 13:48
So cute!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 February | 14:34
My Little 404!
posted by oneswellfoop 21 February | 16:34
That is nothing short of absolutely wonderful.
posted by msali 21 February | 17:31
About this "my little pony" thing: can I ask youllee*) about that? As father who doesn't get to see his 5 yr old daughter very much and who grew up only with brothers I was taken aback a bit when she recently said we would play with that kind of pony dolls.
What's the fun in those ponies? I can see how princesses are intrigueing because they're ostentatiously feminine. I was f.i. fascinated by being a fireman. But ponies as a toy I find hard getting into.
Your explanation is appreciated....

*) In case you had forgotten: youllee is a transcription of the Dutch plural 2nd person. So inconvenient that in English there's no difference between singular and plural. So that's why I'm donating our 2nd person plural jullie to the English language. For those of use who don't feel sufficiently Texan to use y'all.
posted by jouke 22 February | 04:48
It is hard to explain, but little girls, generally between the ages of 5 and 9, are passionate about horses and ponies. At that age I longed for a Shetland pony of my own, loved books about horses like Black Beauty and My Friend Flicka, and had a fascination with unicorns. "My Little Pony" dolls are therefore irresistable -- they are pretty and glittery and in rainbow colors and they are PONIES/HORSES.

She might like some pony rides and books about horses and ponies too.
posted by bearwife 22 February | 15:27
Hm. So the answer is, like to a lot of questions in life; it just is that way.
Was will das Weib: Kleinpferde!

Anyhow; I solved the "how to play with 'my little ponies'" conundrum by introducing a story arc about defending the treasure of pennies.
posted by jouke 22 February | 22:01
My five year old is passionate about my little ponies. We have been playing with them this morning.

I like to have a big narrative that they are planning a party (daughter is also a big lover of party planning) so we spent a very, very, very long time with all the ponies decorating the princess's castle, planning the cake (pinkie pie's job) the dresses (rarity's job) etc. etc. etc. It requires little imagination from me, in the end, which is lucky because I have none.
posted by gaspode 23 February | 10:34
I visited my daughter today. This time we ended up admiring her princesses in a doll house. I noticed that there was also guy in chain mail with a crown. In an equestrian stance, so he had probably been twisted off a horse.
I was told that the purple princess was mad at the green princess because the purple one was bound to marry the prince. But then the green one intervened and married him.
What drama that the 5 yr old female mind comes up with! Marriage!?
I don't know where she gets it...
posted by jouke 23 February | 13:07
Has she never heard a fairy story? Princesses and princes are ALWAYS getting married.
posted by bearwife 23 February | 17:48
Hm. On second thought I guess she was quoting Cinderella where there are evil sisters vying for the attention of the prince.
So maybe I was jumping to conclusions. :-)
posted by jouke 24 February | 01:14
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