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21 February 2014

Friday Question If you had three wishes that had to all be "spent" on you and you could not wish for more wishes, what would you wish for?
1. A lot of money. Like $50 million or something. I figure after the genie leaves I can set up my charities.

2. To die before my beloved Bear. I dread the thought of life without him.

3. A quiet death in my sleep.
posted by bearwife 21 February | 12:16
1. Winning Powerball ticket for jackpot $400M+.

2. Natural athletic talent. I'm a very slow runner; I would like to be faster. Like, 8 minute mile, maybe?

3. After I'm done having kids, magic body makeover that makes everything smooth and tight :D
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 February | 12:53
I am suspect of these wishes - don't they always backfire?

1. To be a more positive person / regain my sense of wonder / be less cynical.

2. Have magical patterning knowledge (the magical part being knowing how to make everything I want to make and how to make the right adjustments)

3. Have my dream house in my dream location with all property taxes, etc, paid for.
posted by needlegrrl 21 February | 12:53
Assuming I can have my wishes granted serially (as opposed to in parallel) my first wish would be for the depth of understanding to choose the perfect next two wishes.
posted by Obscure Reference 21 February | 13:32
1. A body that doesn't feel like it's starting to fall apart at the seams. Really starting to feel my age.

2. Enough money to live on so that I can spend the rest of my life volunteering/reading/watching movies/drinking coffee.

3. A rust-free 1957 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible in the graphite silver color.
posted by octothorpe 21 February | 14:21
1. Peace
2. Love
3. Understanding

What's so funny?
posted by Hugh Janus 21 February | 18:34
Well, if I am bound by the rules to be completely selfish...

1. Unlimited wealth. Because...c'mon.
2. A healthy, strong body. Being 56 with two back surgeries behind me is really grinding me down.
3. The ability to be instantly, natively fluent in any language I encounter (and I get to define "language" as I see fit)
posted by Thorzdad 22 February | 08:06
1. To be the only winner of a $500M+ lotto drawing
2. For my family to be strong and healthy through their 80s (and thus kidlet would not die before me)
3. To die peacefully in my sleep in my 80s
posted by bluesapphires 22 February | 08:33
1. To be out of debt.
2. To be able to focus better.
3. To have the discipline to exercise regularly and eat better.
posted by apoch 22 February | 10:00
First I wish for the ability to wish for more wishes.
posted by Splunge 22 February | 12:34
First I wish for the ability to wish for more wishes.

Nobody reads the questions.
posted by octothorpe 22 February | 13:33
If you can't wish for more wishes, Splunge, what would you wish for instead?
posted by bearwife 22 February | 15:32
Salud, dinero, y amor.

1) An absence of 90% of most paperwork and the 'pass the spreadsheet' mentality of modern life / business.

2) Warmer mountains in the Winter; but not so warm as to preclude snow. Temps around 25F would be fine.

3) Proper fundage would alleviate most any other grievances.

posted by buzzman 23 February | 01:39
To Splunge's point, there's nothing about the rules that would prevent you from wishing to change the rules -- one could wish that one weren't bound by the injunction against wishing for more wishes.

But in keeping with the spirit of the question, I think mine would be:

1) To be, physically (not mentally), a young adult again. As a gay man, I stayed in the closet way too long and I'd love to have those years back to live on my own terms.

2) To be rid of my lifelong anxiety disorders.

3) It's hard to decide on this last one. I would either choose to be immune to all infectious diseases, viruses, etc., or I would choose to be a mathematical genius. I didn't discover the wonder of math until fairly recently in my life -- and while it's not too late to get caught up on things like calculus, I'm not sure I really have the time or mental discipline to do so at this point in my life. That said, I'd probably go for the former option given that it would mean greater time and freedom in the long run.
posted by treepour 23 February | 18:40
I'd surely like to have enough money to feel secure and maybe enough extra that I could travel some.

I'd like to value myself and actually think I'm worthwhile.

I'd like to look forward to every day.
posted by mightshould 23 February | 21:12
Money. With money I can buy everything I want, if not the things I need.
posted by dg 24 February | 03:30
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