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26 February 2012

Ooooh my Gawd. Did she really say "He was an alcoholic and had only one foot" ? Was she kidding? I don't watch the Academy Awards, but I had just turned off streaming Downton Abbey and there it was. I was mortified for her. Horrified.[More:]

And wasn't it brilliant that Downey Jr said something to the effect that the question had to be left to be complicated by Herzog, then they cut to a clip of Herzog giving an incredible, uncomplicated answer? BOTH remarks were brilliant.

Anyway, she was talking about Christy Brown of "My Left Foot" fame, the Irish writer afflicted with Cerebral Palsy. He occasionally drank too much, but I do believe both his feet were intact, if not fully functional.
First: What?
Second: Why could you turn off Downton Abbey?
posted by cjorgensen 26 February | 23:07
First: What?
Second: Why could you turn off Downton Abbey?

1. The actress -- what's her name, you know who I mean -- from -- what's the name of that film, you know -- was talking about one of her fave films, My Left Foot, and she seemed to think that Christy Brown was missing a foot. As in, like, it had been amputated or something. Okay, he did have a bit of a drinking problem, though.

B. I was able to turn off DA because the episode was over! Can't think of any other reason.
posted by shane 26 February | 23:20
I think Billy Crystal's opening monologue was great. I also wrote a letter demanding that Uggy be allowed on the stage if The Artist won and lo and behold he was!
I loved the Crque de Soleigh act. Can you do those acrobatic moves without a net that you so disparage? And I am so delighted that Woody Allen won for best screenplay. I wish he would turn my novel into a movie script, but he only writes his own stories. Any scriptwriters out in Metachat land who want to try?
posted by Macduff 27 February | 00:12
Any scriptwriters out in Metachat land who want to try?

If your name were only MacGuffin...
posted by tortillathehun 27 February | 16:45
Is it just me or are the Oscars especially painful this year? || Cooking with Poo.