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23 February 2012

The Post in Which I Get to ... [More:]... be scared, relieved, happy and sad.

The mister's ablation was last Wednesday at a Vancouver hospital. It went great per his doctor.

Early in the morning on Thursday the mister was in so much pain we didn't know if he was having a reaction to the surgery or a heart attack. He couldn't make a decision so I dressed myself and him and took him to the local ER. After several hours of pain meds, tests, etc. it was an extreme pain reaction to the surgery. They still don't know what caused it physically (swelling around the heart sac is their closest guess) but the doctor who did the surgery said he had done more work on the mister's heart than expected and the reaction wasn't unexpected. Yes, it's crazy-making.

The mister was released Friday noon and has been getting better every day since then. He's even walked the dog a couple times.

Mum was here starting on Tuesday afternoon to help with the animals (to let the dog out to pee for the most part) and was a good asset. She went home on Sunday.

On Monday I had an appointment for a pulmonary thingie (I'm having "wheezing" issues). Went out to the car to go to the appointment and it's dead. Canceled the appointment and called BCAA to give the car a jump but it was dead again the next morning. Took the car to the dealer and had a new battery put in.

The mister's long-term disability was finally approved today. He hasn't been paid in over a month (thank the gods for a line-of-credit) so having money coming in again will be nice. (There's a much longer story but I am trying to keep it short.)

I had been thinking this week could have gone a lot worse than it did and then my mum called this evening.

She had to have Ciaran the Cat euthanised this afternoon. He fell off of the counter after getting a drink. He then jumped onto Mum's bed where he proceeded to throw up. Mum removed him from the bed and he promptly shat himself. A bit later he got on the bed again and voided his bladder all over the bed. He was yowling the whole time. Mum got his carrier and he went right into it. Her regular vet couldn't see him but referred her to an emergency vet. They're not sure how it happened but he had a clot in one of his front legs. The leg was already cold and the normally black pads on his paw were purple. The "remedy" was lots of time at the vet, probable amputation of his front leg and only a 5% chance that he would survive. After Mum made the decision, the vet, who is also a "cat person" said that was the decision she would have made if it were her cat. Ciaran, whom I've mentioned here before, was my cat for a year. He was born 13 years ago in January and was the only black kitten a litter of feral kittens in my apartment complex. He was also the only kitten who wasn't afraid of me and for a few evenings waited for me on the bottom step of the stairs that went to my apartment. I had him for a year until I moved to Seattle. My mum kept him and another cat of mine (Sancho) until I got settled. She claimed that possession was 9/10ths of the law and she and Ciaran had bonded. So she kept Ciaran and returned Sancho to me. Even when it had been months since he'd seen me he was always quick to get in my lap for hugs and kisses.
Fuck. RIP Ciaran. Hugs to you all and good health.
posted by arse_hat 23 February | 02:21
Aww. Well, fuck. This is where I have a mix of emotions on your behalf, but mostly some relief at the good things.
My mother thinks she is somewhat claiming the Bees. I really don't know what to think about it.
posted by ethylene 23 February | 02:43
Too much rollercoastering. You deserve whatever vacation you can manage.

I can attest to heart sac swelling being way more painful than necessary.
posted by Ardiril 23 February | 02:52
So glad/sorry for you.
posted by mightshould 23 February | 06:01
Wow, deborah. Thanks for telling your story, hope everything settles down soon.
posted by rainbaby 23 February | 06:50
*huggles* That is all just totes batshit. I hope things smooth out soon!
posted by sperose 23 February | 07:50
*big hugs*
posted by brujita 23 February | 09:28
Wow, I think I need a drink... glad hubby's on the mend. Sorry about Ciaran. Hope your breathing is better. Hugs...
posted by Pips 23 February | 09:41
posted by halonine 23 February | 10:31
Stressful times indeed. I hope everything gets better soon
posted by rollick 23 February | 11:09
Here's to better days, Deborah.
posted by chewatadistance 23 February | 11:49
scared, relieved, happy and sad.

Whoa, that's the truth. ((((deborah)))) Glad to hear the mister is healing, and I'm so sorry about Ciaran. Sending you good thoughts.
posted by Elsa 23 February | 12:11
Wow, Deborah, you've definitely been through the mill, but I'm glad to hear that the mister's procedure went well. So, so sorry about Ciaran. Sending whuffles and a little silverbee :-)
posted by Senyar 23 February | 13:19
Hugs to you, deborah... what a lot of stressful things you've gone though.
posted by BoringPostcards 23 February | 14:33
That is entirely too much to deal with all at once. Very sorry about the kitty.
posted by JanetLand 23 February | 14:54
posted by dg 23 February | 16:11
Very glad the mister is now doing well, worried about you and your breathing, very sad re your kitty. We all love and care about you of course.
posted by bearwife 23 February | 16:59
Oh hon sorry you've gone through so much lately! Big hugs and hopes that it all gets smoother and better from here on in.
posted by mygothlaundry 23 February | 19:50
Wow, deborah, that's a lot to deal with in a very short time. I am so glad hubby is better, but I can completely understand your sorrow over the loss of your kitty. I am so sorry about Ciaran.
posted by redvixen 23 February | 19:57
Thanks, folks, it means a lot that y'all are here to vent to.

I just wish I knew where to put the -not sure what to call it, energy?- I want to scream, punch a wall, whoknowswhat. I feel on edge and have no idea how to get off of it without doing something destructive.
posted by deborah 23 February | 21:31
That's a lot at once! I hope you get a chance to chill out and reflect for a little while--take a bath, sit at a cafe, watch a fire or laundry turn around in a dryer.

Though when I have too much going on, the thing that always helped the most was boxing class.
If you are feeling destructive, rip a newspaper up to shreds or stomp on empty cans or go find a kickboxing class or a punching bag!
posted by rmless2 24 February | 09:01
Seconding rmless that physical activity is probably going to help the most. With your wheezing, can you swing the walk with the dog?

If not, it is surprising how helpful meditation can be. There are some very good you tube videos with guided meditation.

And if that really isn't your speed, a shoot-em-up video game might be the ticket.
posted by bearwife 24 February | 13:15
Oh my. What a cluster of ordeals.

Don't know if you can ride a bike, but I've found that's often a good way to deal with that agitated edge.

Big hugs in the meantime.
posted by tangerine 25 February | 22:08
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