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17 February 2012

Weekend plans? [More:]Tonight I'm going to my best friend's house for Shabbat dinner.
Tomorrow I have no idea. Tomorrow night bf and I each have a party so we will battle it out or go to both. Sunday and Monday my mom and her partner will be in town, and we are hanging out with them and my sister.
My mom always wants me to pick not just spots for us to have meals but also spots for her and other people to go when she's here. I have to dig up some restaurant recs.
Monday night E's colleague is having a party.
Lots of socializing, it looks like.

A haircut, the usual housekeeping stuff (cooking for the week, cleaning, laundry), some sewing, and then work on the attic on Sunday and Monday. It's a long weekend for me as Ontarians have a statutory holiday on Monday (thank you, Premier Dalton McGuinty!) so I will hopefully get it far along enough that I can finish it completely by the end of the month.
posted by Orange Swan 17 February | 10:28
I'd planned on going to the Chihuly exhibition at the Halcyon Gallery, but the website says that the gallery is undergoing some changes which might affect the visitor experience this weekend, so I'll leave it for another time.

There'll be grocery shopping, cooking, housework and a run on Sunday, but Saturday is now a free day. I'll probably head out somewhere with my camera if the weather's good enough.
posted by Senyar 17 February | 10:56
Today is the start of Carnival. I plan on drinking and dancing until Wednesday morning. See you then!
posted by msali 17 February | 10:56
Tonight, I got no plans. If I can't scrounge up theater tickets, I'll just lie around. I enjoy that. Tomorrow, I sleep in, and hopefully go to Costco/Target. Sunday, church then pedicure then Bare Burger than Museum of the Moving Image for the Muppets. Monday, NO WORK. WOOHOO.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 17 February | 11:04
Today, I am making a genoise cake for a birthday party tomorrow. I'm following Shirley Corriher's method because there is no-one around who remembers how my Great Aunt did it and Shirley's method actually seems less fussy than a lot of them (despite her three bowl egg separating technique).

I am also making colcannon with stuff from the produce delivery.

Tomorrow, we're off out of the city to visit my parents, go to the party and have dinner at a really great restaurant.

Sunday and Monday are formless.
posted by crush-onastick 17 February | 11:11
Guests for dinner tonight. Home brewing. Snowshoeing. More homebrewing. Sleep in. Drink.

Not necessarily in that order.
posted by eekacat 17 February | 11:28
Today, work till 6 then my boyfriend and I are going to go do strength training at the gym -- first time in ages! Hope it's not too crowded.

Will have to work solidly one day this weekend as I need to have something to show my advisor on Monday.

Must also unpack and figure out what gifts I'm giving to people after my trip to India.

Monday evening am planning to sign up for a pig butchery class at the Piggery! Woo! Am pretty excited about this.
posted by peacheater 17 February | 12:54
Tonight and tomorrow morning will be errands. My new kitchen table & chairs were delivered so I should put them together. I should clean but I suspect I won't.

My favorite maternal relatives plan to be at my mom's this weekend. So Sunday I'll do a daytrip drive to see them as well as a quick side trip to give my bff's baby kisses. If my relatives doesn't come down, I plan to go the outlets -- I need new sneakers and would like to check out the Easy Spirit store.

I have off Monday so I guess whatever I didn't do Saturday may happen Monday.

My goal for each night is to be in bed by 9p.
posted by bluesapphires 17 February | 13:07
First and foremost, sleep, sweet sleep.

Tonight, exercise, then reheat the tasty sweet and sour shrimp with brown rice I made last night, toss a salad, and hang with my husband.

Saturday, sleep in -- yay!!! -- go to yoga, do some errands, take dog for walk,take kitties to vet for annual appointment, go to movie with husband.

Sunday, sleep in --- yay!!! -- go to breakfast with husband, do a long run, pick up some groceries, go to late afternoon yoga class. Hang with husband in evening.

Monday, sleep in -- yay!!! -- catch up on bills and photo uploading, take dog for walk, and pull together small claims case I want to get served fairly soon. (Re stupid electrical outlet in garage of my acupuncture doc's building being located low and out of driver's view and causing a $500 scrape to my car's paint. Building owners, who my acupuncture doc really dislikes, have moved the outlet now but refuse to pay my bill unless I sue them.)
posted by bearwife 17 February | 13:07
I think I'm going to the opera.
posted by Eideteker 17 February | 13:24
Tomorrow: buy a newspaper, drink coffee, some few errands, & take a walk around the fields & bridle trails.
Sunday: Buy a newspaper, drink coffee, some few errands, chop & stack firewood.
Monday: I didn't realize Monday was a holiday for me til today. We'll probably go down to London.
posted by tortillathehun 17 February | 13:36
I think I'm going to the opera.

I, on the other hand, am most definitely going to the opera.
posted by JanetLand 17 February | 14:06
I, on the other hand, am most definitely going to the opera.

Well, then I'll see you there. I think.
posted by Eideteker 17 February | 14:08
Tonight: hockey game with thousands of my closest friends. OH MY GOD I can use a break. I've missed three games due to rehearsals, and now that I can finally go, I've spent the last few weeks in OTHER rehearsals, so a good night out will be awesome. (Even if they do suck.)

Tomorrow: coaching session with my new voice teacher, 10 a.m. (boooo, early). Rehearsals are going reasonably well, but I have the improvisational skill of a frog, so we will work on acting.

Sunday: Got-dangit, all of our favorite shows are coming on, but I have to go to rehearsal and attempt to dance. As I told KathrynT, I may look good in my dress (damn, need a hem still...) but they want my fat, untheatrical ass (and my grimacing face, and my blindingly white arms) to sexy-cha-cha across the stage more than anyone else, including the girl who was in an actual national theater tour. I feel like I'm doing the Elaine dance.

But still! Eastbound and Down is coming back! YES!
posted by Madamina 17 February | 14:40
Tonight: work. finish packing.


Monday morning: arrive in Summer. Happiness.
posted by gaspode 17 February | 14:50
1. This afternoon & evening, write write write, absolutely without fail and without excuses.

Or move the furniture around. Or both write and move the furniture. Probably the furniture. How's that for failure and excuses?

2. Tomorrow, winter farmer's market. Asian market. Maybe the art supply store.

3. Um, write? Or furniture. Let's face it, probably furniture.
posted by Elsa 17 February | 15:00
Write about the furniture? Write ON the furniture?
posted by JanetLand 17 February | 15:05
Either write (while, as you mention, sitting on the furniture) or move all the furniture (while failing-to-write). Moving furniture (or, when my back is bothering me, graphing out a new arrangement of furniture) is my current method of procrastinating.
posted by Elsa 17 February | 15:33
Whatcha writin'?
posted by Madamina 17 February | 15:33
I think this is the weekend I have reservations to fly into one or another large city and morph into Giant Monster Omphlug. It's kind of a seasonal thing. I usually hit up someplace like Chicago in the winter. I'll raze a few city blocks and then, once I have everyone's attention, I'll do my stand up routine (after first introducing myself as "Shecky", which fits the comedian racket so much better than Omphlug). Then, you know, I'll keep it up until I start getting boos or heckles (I HATE that) or until the Marines and National Guard show up. Ho hum. You know.
posted by shane 17 February | 15:55
Whatcha writin'?

In theory, I'm writing a novel (and, separately, a spec script). In actuality, I'm writing a lot of notes for a novel (and, separately, for a spec script) and several pages of menu plans for dinner parties. And graphing out plans for new furniture arrangements. And anything else I can think of to avoid Actual Writing.
posted by Elsa 17 February | 15:58
I gave myself a project for tonight- I bought carrot cake mix and I'm going to make cream cheese frosting and make carrot cake cupcakes in my mini-cupcake maker.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 17 February | 17:20
So my aunt is likely not coming down (due to a bedbug panic that I truly hope and wish is only a panic). So it looks like Sunday I'll meet my mom & bff at the outlets. I still get baby kisses!
posted by bluesapphires 17 February | 17:57
Today: Had volunteering at NARA this morning, where I heard that we hit file #100000! (Granted, there's 2.5 million or so, but still, milestone!) Got my picture taken with the Friday gang. I've just finished making some garlic cheese wontons and I hope that they are okay with everyone because I'm not sure how old the wrappers were. (They smelled fine and tasted fine when I sampled a few, but I worry about these things.) And now I'm off to a divination share, which should be a hoot.

Tomorrow: Probably shopping with my mother, as is typical for Saturday. And tidying my house.

Sunday: Work, like usual. I'm skipping out of there for 3 hours in the middle of the day to go to a candle magick workshop. The boss knows that I'm not going to be there for 3 hours, but not exactly what for. And that's how it should be. I'm really hoping that the so-called snow event winds up just being rain.
posted by sperose 17 February | 18:08
Tomorrow: grocery shop, clean house, get my hair cut, then meet some friends for dinner and an overnight visit and watch LT play Juror #6 in Twelve Angry Men. Sunday, I hope to sleep late, cook a big breakfast for everyone, and do whatever, then maybe to Boston for dinner with another set of people. I guess everyone wants to do stuff because it's a 3-day weekend. Really looking forward to Monday which has NO plans.
posted by Miko 17 February | 18:11
Tonight: Talked my wife into staying home, having fish tacos and watching the movie Orlando.
Saturday: Yoga, then errands, then some sort of exercise, then a pot luck with some new people.
Sunday: Swimming, then going up to Portland to see a grand niece - daughter will make an appearance.
Monday: Day off (it usually isn't but for new furlough days). Stay longer at volleyball, then recover from that and the rest of the weekend.
posted by danf 17 February | 18:54
Fridays have a bit of a ritual until next week, my roommate and I go to class and then go to lunch with some errands thrown in. Her mother was a horrible cook and she eats mostly prefab food of a limited variety. Today she tried her first dumplings (deep fried and mandu) and basically a pho. It's a food adventure for her every time I convince her to try something. I'm not sure she's ready for Indian yet, but I'm trying to help prepare her for Japan in June. It would be a shame to not have fresh seafood, even though there are pizzas with hotdogs in the crust.
Today I had to get out of town early and now my beloved kitty is cuddling me.
I've been blowing town on the weekends for various reasons, but also to give the roommate and her boyfriend some time alone. Apparently, just the idea I might hear them having sex is mortifying, and I am grateful for this.

No idea what is going on tonight or tomorrow.
People around me keep getting cancer. My professor's skin cancer came back (and his doctor ignored it for a year), but this pales before the news that my father's best friend here has metastasized brain cancer from his lungs.
Two ends of the spectrum, I'll spare you all the rest.

Sunday, probably Walking Dead at a friend's house with some form of booze and food but I definitely need to pick one kind of booze, because last week's headache lasted into a second day. Publicly, I blame the red wine.
I only just realized the Oscars are next weekend.
posted by ethylene 17 February | 19:04
Since I was promised a birthday dinner last week, which never happened. And since the wife and I never got around to a Valentine's Day dinner either. This weekend will have a very special Birthday/Valentine's Day dinner at a place of my choosing.

I'm thinking a luxurious and expensive early dinner at Lupa. My favorite restaurant.
posted by Splunge 17 February | 19:36
Working tomorrow at the bookstore. Working right now on a freelance job actually, or should be. Tomorrow night my friend is having a dirty Santa party for her birthday - yes, it's weird as hell - which I am dreading but maybe it will be okay. Sunday I'm working on the freelance job and doing laundry. Monday I'm working at the bookstore. Wheee!
posted by mygothlaundry 17 February | 20:02
oooh, Splunge, I *love* Lupa too. We tend to go there on our wedding anniversaries.
posted by gaspode 17 February | 20:28
Need to do laundry but got sucked onto the computer.

A Nanni Moretti movie I didn't get a chance to see in London played at Lincoln Center tonight.

My classmate from IA says she can get together next weekend.

Break a leg LT!
posted by brujita 17 February | 20:54
The forecast says Saturday will be a particularly nasty day even by Seattle standards, so I will probably stay in. Buses don't run in this suburb on Sunday, and that limits my excursions to however far I can walk.
posted by Ardiril 17 February | 21:03
Saturday: Work. Which has actually been pretty good, since my one immediate manager has left, and been replaced with someone I've worked with in the past and get along great with. Such a difference, just by a change in management.

Sunday: Not really sure. Really looking forward to sleeping in, then lesiurely reading the paper. Though perhaps an estate sale or two could be interesting.

Monday: Just found out today that I have Monday off! So happy - an extra day that I can sleep in (if my pets will let me); and I don't have to get up to make sure my surly teenager is ready for school. Win Win!

posted by redvixen 17 February | 21:18
Alas, I am not going to the opera. I am, however, going to a sing-along of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". And I don't need the subtitles, either *blush*
posted by Melismata 17 February | 21:32
Saturday means a day of outside work on the homestead.

Sunday will be a rain-out so I'll probably be domestic and start on my backlog of paperwork. I detest paperwork unless it's job related. Personal paperwork so often means bad news. I'm sick of bad news yet know my imagined worries are way overblown. (Usually)

Monday afternoon meeting about project I worked on will hopefully go well and lead to positive outcome of future work. Until then there's always catlap duties.
posted by mightshould 17 February | 21:35
Tonight: I watched the movie Arthur (the recent version) when I got home because it happened to be what was on when I turned on the TV. I ate some chili I made and I am about to take one of my dogs for a walk.

Tomorrow: Relax and work a little during the morning and afternoon. In the evening, going to my girlfriend's sister's 30th birthday party about two hours' drive from here.

Sunday: No plans.

posted by jayder 17 February | 22:28
That's kind of funny that y'all are gonna be at the same opera! What a small world!!
posted by jonathanstrange 18 February | 05:16
Very small. So small, it turns out, that apparently we have to sit next to each other! =(
posted by Eideteker 18 February | 10:26
1. My weekend is a week long! Yay! Next few days I just want to lay around and rest. Then lay around some more. I'm sure after a couple days I'll feel like moving, but not right now. Maybe go do something fun -- the zoo, the museum, the casino. We'll see. (I often say I'm gonna do stuff and then I just stay home. I like home.)

2. Groceries are ordered, to be delivered tomorrow. It'll be nice to have a chance to cook. We'll have some fresh salmon fillets, asparagus, and garlic potatoes tomorrow. Yum.

3. Planning to go see my mom Tuesday. I was going to go today, but I'm just so beat. I just don't feel up to the three/four hour round trip drive. It'll be good to see her, though. The traffic's not too bad if I leave early, before bridge construction starts.
posted by Pips 18 February | 11:25
Hey Pips, on Monday night I'm going to see a double bill of Clerks/Clerks2. I'll think of you guys, I saw Clerks for the first time with you and Jon at your place, remember?
posted by Senyar 18 February | 15:13
Awesome... Every now and then I have to watch them again. I find them depressing and reassuring at the same time.

(Ooo.... cake.)
posted by Pips 19 February | 03:51
Photo Friday: The Sky || Downton Abbey Paper Dolls.