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15 February 2012

Biblomancy - take the book nearest to you and ask a question. The first sentence on page 84 will tell you the answer. [More:]

"Will I finish my to-do list today?"

"How Interesting."

I am not comforted.
I am surrounded by technical books. They make for dry reading, and are terrible for biblomancy. "Any order pursuant to subdivision (a) shall include only those mandates ..."
posted by filthy light thief 15 February | 12:53
"Will it rain?"

"I like that too."
posted by arse_hat 15 February | 12:58
what would a DNA test reveal about my biological heritage?

"but your skin is made of metal," Melisande said. "And metal can't feel."

... noooo
posted by Firas 15 February | 13:06
I actually just had one of those heritage DNA tests done and SURPRISE I AM 100% NORTHERN EUROPEAN/CELTIC. I guess the freckles and red beard and blue eyes gave it away.
posted by The Whelk 15 February | 13:12
How will the rest of my day go?

"Case studies are undertaken usually for clinical or other decision-making purposes about a particular person."
posted by Obscure Reference 15 February | 13:25
"Should I run errands or study?"

"The scene opens with a tight shot of John Glenn strapped into the astronaut seat within the capsule f the Friendship 7 spacecraft, the first American to orbit Earth."


Does that mean stay in my capsule or orbit around town?
Do I need to do with with a copy of the Bible? The only one I have here is some funky version. I should hit Goodwill or a motel.
Meanwhile, I have new ministerial documents for my current address. I should stock up on sacraments and licenses while I'm at it.
posted by ethylene 15 February | 13:27
Obscure Reference's answer is a self-eating loop

Clearly the answer is to study ethylene, for running errands is not orbiting the Earth.
posted by The Whelk 15 February | 13:34
Should I get out more?

"I solemnly returned his bow."*

So only for formal occasions?

*from Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
posted by oneswellfoop 15 February | 14:01
"Will I ever get enough sleep?"

"To develop implementation plans for each of the four strategies selected by the Arts Institute Executive Committee."
posted by Madamina 15 February | 14:19
thats a no.
posted by The Whelk 15 February | 14:23
Should I play video games or watch TV?

"For the second time in less than two days, Blaine called the county sheriff's office."
posted by youngergirl44 15 February | 14:53
I made the mistake of asking a great big sensitive personal question which I am not going to repeat here. I got what I deserved, which was:

"Willis rebuked Dean."
posted by tangerine 15 February | 15:04
Q: What should I have for dinner tonight?

A: "Of course not."


from Le Carre's The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
posted by ufez 15 February | 15:25
I gogot some ridiculously gossipy news, so I decided to stay in my capsule.
And there is less than four hours to send valentines.
posted by ethylene 15 February | 16:07
Q. Is it possible for me to find a better job before May?

A. From Life and Work in Medieval Europe:

"Almost everywhere in the West, from the Celtic to the Germanic and Roman lands, the nobility of race or birth grew less, but a landed aristocracy grew greater under a variety of names, and began to coalesce with the aristocracy of service, formed of persons, sometimes of quite humble rank, who were attached to the king's service and with the aristocracy of high officials, to whom was delegated the exercise of public authority, and who gradually transformed their revocable function into a hereditary office."

If I only had a king.
posted by notquitemaryann 15 February | 18:14
Q: Am I bound to do anything worthwile with my life?

A: The jailer, who would undoubtedly lose his place as a result, had obeyed and it was not until five the next morning that the cell was opened.

From An Instance of the Fingerpost.

posted by Splunge 16 February | 01:55
It means you will open doors in life.
posted by The Whelk 16 February | 08:25
Bless you, Whelk.
posted by Splunge 16 February | 16:20
What should I bring to a dinner party tonight?

"Why not just say thank you and keep it moving?"

OOH, so nothing then!! Thanks, Decoded by Jay-Z!
posted by rmless2 17 February | 10:29
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver finds Joy Division/New Order master tapes || Tape Cassette Inserts on Flickr.