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10 February 2012

Valentine's Day Dinner at The Waffle House! People on my FB stream are passing this around to mock it. But I'm on record now as saying: if anyone wants to take me to Waffle House for Valentine's, I'm in!
White Castles in NYC (and maybe elsewhere?) do similar events, and they're fun! I'd totally go to a Waffle House V-Day Dinner!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 February | 18:33
I'd do it. I think the only time I ever did anything on Valentine's Day was with his oddball I had just started seeing.
Too bad there are no Waffle Houses or White Castles nearby. I may ask someone totally inappropriate out to eat.

Remember what Dan Savage says, kids. And those discount butt plugs at Aldi are not for insertion.

A one and
a two
posted by ethylene 10 February | 18:54
This, not his, and I still can't believe that second link even exists.
posted by ethylene 10 February | 18:55
Aw, hell yeah!

Except that a trip to Waffle House would cut into our well-established Valentine's tradition of homemade pizza and horror movies.
posted by Elsa 10 February | 19:28
I never need an excuse to eat at Waffle House, but having one makes it that much better.
posted by Ardiril 10 February | 19:32
Maybe I should take someone to the truck stop. Free sandwiches and $1.30 for your second chicken fried steak. And they have wifi. Sometimes.
I think my current plans are two tests and secret valentines.

I am so thinking of scaring the crap out a boy right now, though. Which one, which one. So young and so scared. Where are my evil dice? My dice of evil.

Oh, I know. I will take their pictures and post them with stats and let you guys pick.
posted by ethylene 10 February | 19:54
Put me down for the chicken fried steak too. Used to be my favorite meal until enchiladas took over.
posted by Miko 10 February | 21:20
I just had some more. That gravy is kind of amazing. I can't remember ever getting one before.

Well, one boy down. Upon chatting he seems so... conventional. And so young.
I just feel maternal.
Yeah, I can't do it. No spark, no nothing, crazy power differential. I'm surrounded by children. They may be cute but I just want to smell their heads for that baby scent.
Why do I never go for the pretty ones.
posted by ethylene 10 February | 21:46
What Ardiril said.
posted by BoringPostcards 10 February | 23:08
I miss IHOP's cream of wheat pancakes.
posted by brujita 11 February | 02:23
I used to love all you can eat buffets as a kid. I'd take plate after plate of Swedish meatballs, nothing else. My mother thought I was nuts. I couldn't get enough Swedish meatballs. So Ikea is sounding real good about now.
posted by Splunge 11 February | 15:08
Splunge, I still love all-you-can-eat buffets, especially breakfast buffets! I have fond memories of my parents taking us to the rooftop dining room of the posh hotel for brunch (though my mother tells me that probably only happened a handful of times).

A few years ago, my mom took me as her companion on a group tour of Costa Rica. I was (privately, in my head) a little snobby about the idea of a packaged tour and all its scared-tourist implications, but I rapidly discovered one great luxury of these tours designed for elderly upper-middle-class Americans: lavish breakfast buffets at every single hotel. It was FANTASTIC.

As recently as yesterday, I was searching online for a posh breakfast buffet in the area, hoping to find one that rivals the Sunday brunches I remember from my childhood.
posted by Elsa 11 February | 17:02
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