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30 September 2011

It's the Friday Night Question, chosen at random from The Book of Questions...[More:]

(And by the way, the Friday Night Question is going on hiatus for about a month, but will come back around Halloween.)

But as for this week-

#77: Do you feel ill at ease going alone to either dinner or a movie? What about going on a vacation by yourself?
No. Yes.
posted by chewatadistance 30 September | 18:27
I've done all three. I used to travel more than 200 days a year on business so a movie or dinner alone without colleges or clients was a blessing.
posted by arse_hat 30 September | 18:27
Dinner: Nope, as long as it's not at a crowded, family style place. This is what sitting at the bar is for.

Movie: Never done it (I'm not a big fan of going to the Cinema), but I can't imagine I'd feel weird about it.

Vacation: Never done it, but pondering it sometime around the end of the year or very beginning of next year. Fortunately, I can rest assured that almost anywhere I go, there will be some form or fashion of MeFites/MeCha-ers I can meet up with for at least one meal.
posted by ufez 30 September | 18:34
Dinner yes, somewhat, unless it's very informal like a cafe or diner. Everything else, I do by myself, usually not by choice. It's starting to get old.
posted by Senyar 30 September | 18:34
The partner and I go to the movies alone a LOT, since we like very different kinds of movies. Dinner, no problem. I've also gone to concerts by myself.

I've never gone on a vacation by myself but I've often wanted to; there are some places I'd like to trave and spend the entire time taking photos, just on my own, and I hope to do that one day.
posted by BoringPostcards 30 September | 18:44
I love doing most things alone, but I have always had at least one travel partner for my major expeditions. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when one of my friends agreed to go to Mali and Burkina Faso with me next year, as that would have been my first solo trip.
posted by mykescipark 30 September | 18:59
Dinner: alone is fine as long as I have a book (and I always have a book and any meal would be fine).
Movies: used to go alone all of the time. Obviously not a problem.
Vacation: I've never gone by myself, but would like to try it.
posted by deborah 30 September | 19:06
No. No. I'll do anything alone.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 September | 19:14
Dinner - with a notebook or book.
Movie - I used to this all the time, and often prefer it to going with someone else who might talk or bug me.
Vacation - can't afford vacation. Would be fine with it, but I think I would prefer to go with someone else.
posted by Glinn 30 September | 19:15
I'll do anything alone.

yup pretty much... haven't tried the vacation thing though
posted by Firas 30 September | 19:15
I can do anything alone, except (oddly enough) sleep.
posted by Eideteker 30 September | 19:25
For some reason, I don't care about lunch alone, but dinner alone at anywhere more than a pizza joint is a little weird.

Movies: even weirder than that, though I forced myself to do it. Oddly enough, both of the ones I saw were Robert Downey, Jr. movies -- Iron Man 2 and Tropic Thunder.

Vacation: never have, unless you count meeting a friend in New York and then bumming around when she left before me.
posted by Madamina 30 September | 19:27
I go to dinner and the movies alone. Not much choice when no one I know lives close. Movies are usually the first showing on Saturday or Sunday so it's not like I'm in a packed movie theater by myself (that would be uncomfortable).

I haven't taken a vacation alone but I did do touristy stuff by myself when attending work conferences. The conferences I hung out with my roommates were much more fun than the rest, so I doubt I'd ever take a vacation alone if only because I hate staying in hotels by myself. I find it depressing.
posted by bluesapphires 30 September | 20:13
I'm a really self sufficient person . I'll do anything on my own or with friends. I'm comfortable either way
posted by rollick 30 September | 20:38
It's hard to be motivated to go places when there is no partner in crime. I am not uncomfortable, just a bit of a lazy thang.
posted by mightshould 30 September | 21:02
I love doing things alone. I love being around other people but it does sort of drain off the energy it takes to respond and interact. It feels relaxing to be with my own thoughts, responsible to no one. (classic introvert). I don't prefer things alone to things with others, but I have a special enjoyment of things alone.

Traveling alone is pretty fantastic. I have a feeling that, all other things being equal, I'd prefer to travel alone most of the time. Usually all things aren't equal and part of the point of travel is spending time with others, but when I do go places alone, I ADORE it. No one else's timetable, eating patterns, or preferences to consult - no compromising - you can get a lot more done and you can do things on a whim without any negotiation. Also, you're more open to meeting people and they, you.
posted by Miko 30 September | 21:09
I love doing things alone. I probably -- strike that, definitely -- go to movies and restaurants alone more often than I go with others. I've done day trips and work trips on my own, but not really full-blown vacations, I don't think. But I'd have no problem with it.
posted by occhiblu 30 September | 22:32
Yes all around. But I'm getting better at it.
posted by sperose 30 September | 22:33
Dinner: No, it's quite comfortable.

Movie: I don't remember having done this, but I would not have a problem with it.

Vacation: Very ill at ease. Am somehow convinced it would be anxiety and depression and more anxiety the whole time without someone to share the experience with.
posted by heatherann 30 September | 22:45
I have eaten dinner, gone to movies and traveled alone plenty of times. But a while ago it just felt normal, whereas now (and I'm sure it's a function of being a wife/mother blah blah boring tied down feelings) I fully fantasize about going on vacation by myself. Holy crap, even just a couple of days doing exactly what I want when I want it? Absolute. Heaven. I'mma gonna negotiate it in a few years...
posted by gaspode 30 September | 22:56
But one advantage of working from home is that I get to go to movies by myself quite often. Yay!
posted by gaspode 30 September | 22:59
I don't mind doing anything in public by myself. I would prefer not to.
posted by Ardiril 30 September | 23:40
Not especially, for any of it. I feel ill at ease doing any of those things with people who aren't old friends or family.
posted by notquitemaryann 01 October | 01:34
Movies: generally no, but I prefer to go in the daytime, feel slightly self-conscious in the evenings.

Dinner: yes, unless it's a fast-food place or diner. It just seems to me that eating is a five-minute task that's extended to an hour or so as a social ritual. It feels a bit silly to go to a restaurant and take part in the ritual on your own.

Holiday: no, except for the dining out in the evening bit.
posted by TheophileEscargot 01 October | 03:00
Restaurant alone - I don't enjoy it for dinner, unless it's a very casual place.
Movie alone - I seldom go to the movies, wouldn't go alone weekend evenings.
Travel alone - I do it all the time. I like traveling w/ a partner, but if nobody else has the $ or time, I'm not staying home.
posted by theora55 01 October | 06:18
I'll do anything alone.

Nothing that. And I have done all 3 on my own many times with great enjoyment. Things done alone often have extra intensity and memorability. I must admit that these days, I do prefer to have the Bear along. He is the only person whose company I prefer to my own.
posted by bearwife 01 October | 06:51
That was supposed to be "Nthing that.". Bad IPad autocorrect!
posted by bearwife 01 October | 06:52
I suppose I'd have to answer "yes" to all. But, then, I'm uncomfortable just leaving my home by myself.
posted by Thorzdad 01 October | 07:30
I use to enjoy doing things by myself all the time, it was liberating. Now I prefer having another person around for a variety of reasons but I'd much rather it was like it use to be.
posted by ethylene 01 October | 10:11
Nope. Nope. I'm social and outgoing but I'm also pretty good at taking myself out on a date.
posted by The Whelk 01 October | 11:12
Dinner: No, and I do this often.
Movie: Not really, but I only watch movies with people i.e. I rarely watch a movie on my own, even at home. Half the fun of a movie is discussing it afterward, for me.
Vacation: No, but I much prefer people around.
posted by peacheater 01 October | 17:48
Ill at ease, no, but as Senyar points out, it gets old.
posted by JanetLand 01 October | 18:38
Went on my first solo vacation years ago, after my first divorce. I took a long weekend at Cape May, just before the season started. It was wonderful. I strolled the town, admired the architecture, without anyone impeding me. I enjoyed a whale watching trip. I went to the zoo. Dining alone was a bit of a challenge at first, but I brought a book with me and I was fine. Plus, I chose to dine one night at Elaine's Haunted Dinner Theatre, in the themed restaurant. They gave me a table for two, on a wall, with a skull that was remotely activated by someone who talked to me. I chatted back (not a recording), and was having such fun that the family at the next table thought I knew everyone in the restaurant! I had such a wonderful time...I brought my kids back the next time and it's become a yearly tradition to vacation there.

Movies alone I have not tried, but mainly because I'm not a big movie buff.
posted by redvixen 01 October | 21:17
Yes, no, no.
posted by rainbaby 01 October | 23:22
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