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30 September 2011

Annoyed by Zentangle It's possibly nobody here cares (totally understandable), but I just don't understand this whole "Zentangle" thing and I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on it. [More:]

This filling-spaces-with-patterns things is not an original idea. Why do these people get to claim they invented a new art form? Why do other people actually believe it's a new thing? Why does it annoy me so much to see an otherwise perfectly nice or interesting drawing have "Zentangle" in the name.

The thought that someone might think I was trying to do "Zentangle" in any of my art kinda pisses me off. Anyone with opinions on this subject?
Never heard of this before. So you make shapes and put patterns in them? I've been doodling like that for ever.
posted by arse_hat 30 September | 20:39
"To get the most out of Zentangle we recommend you get a Zentangle kit, read the instructions and watch our DVD." Well bless your tiny little heart of course you do.
posted by arse_hat 30 September | 20:43
posted by Glinn 30 September | 20:45
I think I've heard of it before, but I think it was called zen doodle... naturally someone would try to commercialize it, because, you know, everything has to involve money somehow.
posted by DarkForest 30 September | 21:27
Wait. There selling a kit that contains really nice paper, a pencil and an ink pen so i can, wait for it, relax while doodling? And what's that you say? It's only $50?!

*squints eyes*

P.T.Barnum strikes again!
posted by MonkeyButter 01 October | 03:04
Never heard of it before but concur it sounds like another version of that eternal best seller, snake oil.
posted by bearwife 01 October | 06:42
Sometimes I wish I were mercenary enough to sell $50 doodle pads or jesus-embossed junk with a jacked-up price tag, but most of the time I'm glad I'm not.
posted by Wolfdog 01 October | 06:56
No, see? Many people are frightened of things they don't understand or fit in a schema. This gives those people permission. You give it a name, claim vague benefits, give instructions, make them pay something, and they're free to have an imagination. They're no long having symptoms or doing nervous activities, they're meditating! They're part of an "in" group too. The actual activity itself is the least of what they're selling.
posted by Obscure Reference 01 October | 07:40
arse_hat hit the nail on the head.
posted by deborah 01 October | 12:00
So it seems that I invented this independently in grade school.
posted by Splunge 02 October | 11:03
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