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26 September 2011

Ask MeCha: What sort of ... [More:]... case should I get for my new phone, the HTC Wildfire S?

I like the look of this one, but are those silicone or rubber ones better to protect the phone? Bear in mind that it would be carried around in my handbag, not necessarily in a pocket inside the bag, so I'm thinking the flip cover would offer better protection.

Or is there some other type of cover I should be looking at?
bubinga wood or bust!*

* not sure if available
posted by Firas 26 September | 14:54
I bought one for my HTC Desire from Amazon, which I highly recommend - it was a combination of screen protectors (clear film that protects the screen from scratches), a silicone case for bounciness and holdability, and a velvety pouch as a belt-and-braces protection measure (actually most useful for making sure I can find it quickly in my handbag, since it feels different from everything else in there).

I can't find a similar one for the Wildfire, though all those things are available separately. I used a leather case for my old Nokia and it lasted 5 years without problems, though it wasn't a touchscreen so it's probably not comparable.

Mr alto has a Wildfire, and he just has a screen protector (badly applied) and a silicone case, and he's been fine so far. He's pretty hard on phones.

posted by altolinguistic 26 September | 15:28
I like the one you chose and it should be fine. No case is sure proof against drops, and the differences between case protection is also pretty minimal. Just handle your nice phone with care and maintain a spot for it in your handbag. (Mine is routinely tucked into a little pocket inside my bag.)
posted by bearwife 26 September | 16:08
I don't like cases on phones - my experience is that they get more damaged by the case (grit gets trapped inside the case and scratches the surface) that they do without a case.

Probably not suitable for a fashionable young lady such as yourself, but I carry my phone in a leather belt pouch, which protects it without the above risk.

I'm also opposed to taking a device that has had enormous amounts of money and energy spent to make it as nice and usable as possible and wrapping it in a $10 piece of crap, but that's just me ;-)
posted by dg 26 September | 23:34
I'm with dg on this one. I had a case for my first ipod and it got totally scratched up form stuff getting between the screen and the case.
I've had 2 android phones (droid and droid x) with no cases and they have been a-ok.
posted by rmless2 27 September | 08:50
Except for the bunny teeth marks on one corner, that is.
But I've dropped them plenty and they are fine.
posted by rmless2 27 September | 08:51
I have an android who fetches me breakfast and reads me the paper in the morning before laying out my housecoat and slippers and injecting me with mind-erasing chemicals. Looks best in leather, though silicone is just right for a rainy day.
posted by Hugh Janus 27 September | 09:49
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