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21 September 2011

Stop 'Schweddy Balls' Effort Begins Really, some people have
A: too much time
B: No sense of humor
C: Need to worry about something meaningful
D: All of the above.
posted by rollick 21 September | 21:01
The Streisand Effect will ensure that this is Ben & Jerry's best selling new flavor in years.
posted by oneswellfoop 21 September | 21:05
We should have more stuff like this! Maybe it'd distract the assholes from attacking stuff that matters.
posted by BoringPostcards 21 September | 21:07
That flavor actually sounds good. I haven't said that for Ben & Jerry's in a long time. Too long.
posted by Ardiril 21 September | 21:12
two points worth repeating:
(1) One Million Moms is false advertising - the core organization actually consists of 17 Republican fund-raisers, of which only 3 are mothers and the rest motherfuckers.
(2) The target demographics of One Million Moms and Ben and Jerry's are a Venn Diagram with no overlap. Like the audiences of Jersey Shore and Doctor Who.
posted by oneswellfoop 21 September | 21:28
If they succeed in getting it pulled from grocers' shelves, someone can run the headline ONE MILLION MOMS LICK SCHWEDDY BALLS.
posted by BitterOldPunk 21 September | 23:33
And it wants members to threaten a boycott if the company doesn't do what they want.

Yeah, right. Good luck with that. Ben and Jerry's ice cream is more addictive than crack. I give any attempted boycott about two days before they break down and run to the store for more.

Speaking of which... I'll be right back.
posted by FishBike 22 September | 07:25
E. are really disappointed that B&J has to reach back to a 1998 SNL skit to be creative.
posted by Melismata 22 September | 10:32
If they succeed in getting it pulled from grocers' shelves, someone can run the headline ONE MILLION MOMS LICK SCHWEDDY BALLS.

posted by halonine 22 September | 10:38
The more One Million Moms and the types who listen to them focus on stupid crap like this, the more they aren't telling people they can't get married or volunteering for those who do the same. And free advertising for Ben and Jerry's. Win/win as far as I'm concerned.

Also, thanks to this, I think I'm going to start reading One Million Moms action alerts just to do the opposite. Though I'm not going to go to bat for NBC's The Playboy Club. I'm all for the dramatization of bunnies*, but after given their rights to show what they want, NBC should stop choosing bad writing.

* Not (originally) intended to be some sort of newbie double entendre made by a MetaChat (sort of) to get in with the cool kids
posted by MCMikeNamara 22 September | 12:48
One Million Morons.
posted by Splunge 22 September | 14:44
... yeah, this just tipped me over from "I might try this flavor" to "I WILL BE BUYING THIS."
posted by Elsa 22 September | 14:52
There is way too much silliness in this world and not enough we seem to be able to do about it. At least for me.

I went to the B&J site and found the store locator for this flavor. I may actually take a road-trip just to by a few pints.
posted by MonkeyButter 22 September | 19:00
I can't stand rum nor malt balls, so I'm going to pass.
posted by brujita 22 September | 22:30
The flavor doesn't sound great to me, brujita--I agree with you.
But I want to buy some anyway to show support for silliness.
posted by rmless2 23 September | 10:17
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