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15 September 2011

No you've got it all wrong, the cat ditched the family to find it's fortune in the big city.
posted by The Whelk 15 September | 12:05
What an absolutely beautiful cat. She's gorgeous.
posted by Senyar 15 September | 14:18
Too bad cats can't talk. I'm sure Willow would have quite the tale to tell.
posted by deborah 15 September | 14:20
“If I could microchip my kids, I would.” - heh

Other sources: "Lost pets find their owners in 3 out of 4 cases when they are microchipped. California is considering a law that will make microchipping mandatory..."
posted by Ardiril 15 September | 14:28
You know what sucks about microchipping, though? You have to pay $15 per month, per pet, to keep the chip's records active. I didn't know this when I got Bob chipped, thinking the $50 bucks it cost to get the chip implanted was the whole expense. For a cat that may live 20 years, you're looking at $3600 per pet. That's just nuts.
posted by BoringPostcards 15 September | 20:27
Really? I'm not paying anything for Sookie's chip. $15 a month is ridiculous for 2 bytes of data storage.
posted by Ardiril 15 September | 21:07
Did anyone consider the cat's feelings? That sucker walked 1800 miles to live in a far superior city. Then all that walking ::bang:: wasted. That cat is cursing up a storm right now.
posted by Splunge 16 September | 06:58
Yeah, I have both my cats microchipped and am not paying anything extra beyond the initial fee. At their annual checkup, the vet always checks that it's working and that their data still comes up on the computer. So... maybe it depends on which company you get the chip through?
posted by FishBike 16 September | 07:21
I never started paying the fee for Bob's microchip, so he has no data on file at the moment. My vet must be hooked up with a shady chip company, which wouldn't surprise me at all, unfortunately.
posted by BoringPostcards 16 September | 08:21
The Shady Chip Company. A black ops subsidiary of the Frito-Lay corporation.
posted by Splunge 16 September | 20:22
I wonder if there's a second family who will now be sad she's gone. O_o
posted by Glinn 17 September | 12:47
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