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08 September 2011

Looks like we made it! Thanks for all the well wishes folks, me and my puppy made it safely to the Southern Hemisphere!
After a clusterfuck of EPIC proportions this morning at the international airport in Sao Paulo (many tears were shed, many a garment rendered, many ashes were wafted aloft), me and the pups made it to our final destination of Balneario Camboriu.
I hadn't bothered checking the weather report here, but evidently it has been raining cats and capibaras for a week now, and the main highway was closed to the city, but my stalwart taxi dude got us here safe and sound.
Pups already pissed on a rug, but it's not her fault, I misread her tight bladder for simple anxiousness (won't make that mistake twice), and the power cord to my computer is giving up the ghost (2 dollars in the States, 25 dollars here, oh my), but I am downing a very nice Argentine red, eating good food, listening to the surf hit the shore, so we are good.

But my husband's flight out of Dulles got cancelled (he thought he'd save a few ducats flying on a different airline, it rhymes with "Shmewnited"), and I don't know when the hell he is going to get here, but we made it!!!!!!!
posted by jason's_planet 08 September | 20:05
posted by Ardiril 08 September | 20:06
Although the site is in Pork n'Cheez, there's video of the state I decided to move to TODAY.
posted by msali 08 September | 20:12
posted by arse_hat 08 September | 20:20
posted by gaspode 08 September | 20:22
Congrats on your safe arrival! I hope hubby is close behind.
posted by goshling 08 September | 20:44
Me too, goshling! He's on a flight to Brazil right now, and should land in Sao Paulo around 1am local time. Problem is, the state I am in (Santa Catarina, two states to the south of Sao Paulo) is in a state of emergency because of heavy rains that have led to awful flooding. The main highway south from the airport (where I am) closed this afternoon, and won't open until the rains stop sometime on Saturday, and the flood waters die down. So he'll be close, but still kinda far away, which sucks, because I've already walked puppy FIVE TIMES IN THE FUCKING RAIN, and I could use someone to switch out with me.
posted by msali 08 September | 21:09
Congrats. Glad you're doing OK.
posted by Miko 08 September | 21:52
posted by The Whelk 08 September | 21:56
posted by Twiggy 09 September | 00:11
posted by deborah 09 September | 01:36
Glad to hear you made it. I was thinking of you over the last day or two.
posted by Senyar 09 September | 03:37
Welcome back! Our loss, but Brasil's gain. :-)
posted by Stewriffic 09 September | 06:08
Wonderful news! Welcome to your new home, you two.
posted by bearwife 09 September | 12:00
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