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30 June 2011

[Catholic/Religious Filter] A little bit of soul As a recovering Catholic, I find it a little ironic that my first temp job ever is at a Catholic elder care facility. And of course, I'm running into an unusual conundrum. [More:]

As the assistant to the administrator, I'm also tasked to help the various department heads. The lady in charge of the pastoral care department is a Filipino nun who is going to be holding a memorial mass for those residents who passed away between January and now.

I'm supposed to print out the invites and address labels for the family members, which I've done and that's fine. But I'm also supposed to help the nun come up with a cover to the program booklet and that's where I'm stumped.

The temp before me said that she uses Microsoft Office's religious and biblical clip art to decorate the programs and while that's fine and dandy, I also want it to look different from the other programs she designed last year, so I need to find something new. I've done a Flickr Creative Commons search, but so far the pickings are a little slim.

Free religious clip art is a bit of a joke, and believe me I've looked. Do you know of any nice, possibly Catholic-themed, definitely religious-oriented clip art or beautiful photographs I can use? Thanks so much in advance.
Consider doing a google search (or flickr?) for stained glass church windows. There are many beautiful ones that might make nice cover art.
posted by amro 30 June | 16:06
You're welcome to use any of my pictures from my visit to Ely Cathedral's Stained Glass Museum.
posted by Senyar 30 June | 16:10
You might look at the art of Steve Erspamer, who is a Marianist brother. I found it through Real Live Preacher.

You can get a reasonably priced CD of clip art arranged for the liturgical year for $35.
posted by Madamina 30 June | 16:47
clouds - esp. with the streaming light that looks like the end times, nature - maybe a bird in flight, or leaves filtering light into a wood. Stained glass sounds good.
posted by theora55 30 June | 16:54
Also, this photo I took might be nice for a memorial service. (It's from the [Episcopal] Cathedral of St. John the Divine, which is visible on a candle in the front, so if you can blue that a little you might consider doing so.)
posted by Madamina 30 June | 16:59
Possibly icons, depending on how you think they'd be received. But there are some nice-looking CC theotokos depictions (and other types) on flickr.
posted by notquitemaryann 30 June | 19:09
BLUR, not blue.
posted by Madamina 01 July | 10:21
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