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29 June 2011

Points! You can get points today for:[More:]

1. Seeing a live bug - 4
2. Purchasing something or spending money - 1
3. Reading all or part of a physical book - 2
4. Playing a game - 2
5. Using something that's the color green - 3
Tie breaker: How many times did you wash your hands?

I'm going to say that you can get points for future events (you know you'll use a green plate when you eat later today) but not events planned just for Points! (purchasing a green lighter, setting something on fire, and then washing your hands six times).

Closing of the game will probably be around 11 or 12pm Central Time. Good luck to all!
Crap. I just realized that Points! is a game. So two points for playing a game other than this one. Sorry!
posted by youngergirl44 29 June | 08:00
I get a measly 5 points today, and that's only because I'd already planned on playing Minecraft this evening when I get home.
posted by BoringPostcards 29 June | 08:32
6 points

I'm buying a bottle of wine for a party tonight.
I read a book on my busride to work.
My bag is green and beige, and I used it to carry my books and lunch to work.

So far I have washed my hands about six times.
posted by punchtothehead 29 June | 08:37
Keen, I got a 12!
I whacked a mosquito this morning at breakfast.
I will have to buy my lunch today.
I always read a book at lunch.
Solitaire is my friend.
I'm drinking a green green green Mt. Dew soda.

posted by JanetLand 29 June | 08:50
This is not going to work for me. I need to lose points when I play games. As for live bugs, I've been avoiding those areas of the house.
posted by Obscure Reference 29 June | 08:51
Bah, only 3 points for me today, for purchasing something (I'm buying a new iTrip and printer cartridge when I get home) and reading part of The Hunger Games (which I just got from the library yesterday.)
posted by sperose 29 June | 09:08
10. Everything but the book.
So far 2 hand washings.
posted by arse_hat 29 June | 09:31
I can pretty much guarantee you I will see a live bug. One is probably walking across my toe right now.
Bought breakfast at deli.
Physical book: possible. I'll get back to you on that.
Game: tonight is trivia night, so yes.
Green: wearing a green shirt, carrying green bag.
Hands: I think once so far.

Currently: 4.
Expected: all 12, I think.
posted by Madamina 29 June | 09:46
Our early leader, JanetLand, is challenged by Madamina!
posted by youngergirl44 29 June | 10:33

Well. I'm living up to my name.
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 29 June | 10:52
OK, I got 43 points and, oddly enough, 14 Google+ invites. That's way too many. Does anybody want some? Points, I mean. The Google+ invites are fucking golden; I'm not just giving them up for fucking nothing.
posted by Eideteker 29 June | 11:41
The only guaranteed points for me are 2- reading part of a book (textbook for my class). I hope not to see a live bug, though it's a possibility. And I can't think of anything green I would be using.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 June | 12:00
Saw a dragonfly, used a green pen, planned to read my book later. Have not spent money nor do I plan to. Don't intend to play a game, either.

So: 9 points.

Washed my hands about 10 times so far!
posted by Stewriffic 29 June | 12:14
I feel like such a skeeze for not having washed my hands at all today. It's only 2pm though, so there's still time.
posted by sperose 29 June | 13:04

I will be purchasing something shortly.
I read my book about Pompeii over breakfast.
I played Q-Bert on the train to work (and I got my HIGHEST EVER SCORE btw)
and I used my green messenger bag to bring my stuff to work, as I do every day.

So for me, 8. And I've washed my hands 3 times (once after each bathroom break).

I do like this little game...
posted by Miko 29 June | 13:19
Park (bug), book. 6.

It feels really good to not be spending money for a day. That's unusual.

Thanks for the game, yg44. : )
posted by rainbaby 29 June | 13:26
All thanks are Miko's since she came up with it. What are you people doing that you're washing your hands 6-10 times? I feel like a scrub and I've washed mine three.

JanetLand - I think we're going to need your hand washing total!
posted by youngergirl44 29 June | 13:43
I once ran a radiochemistry lab. I wash my hands almost every time I stand up. I still occasionally wash my hands *before* using the bathroom. I can wash my hands while cooking a meal well over 20 times. I am not by any means a clean freak nor am I overly squeamish about food prep (I have worked in commercial kitchens), but it's just a habit.
posted by Ardiril 29 June | 13:48
So, I'll just claim the win, and then disqualify myself.
posted by Ardiril 29 June | 13:49
Three times for handwashing today.
posted by JanetLand 29 June | 13:55
Twelve! But I don't have a prayer of winning the handwashing runoff.
posted by box 29 June | 15:03
4 - I've seen several live bugs
1 - I bought breakfast and matinee tickets
2 - I've read from not one but several physical books (I assume I only get 2 points total no matter how many books, right? because I don't want to have to count back to how many books I've used today. Yikes.)
0 - no games
3 - does does American cash count as green? And does spending count as "using"?


How many times did you wash your hands?

Okay, this is going to make me sound like a weirdo.

At least a dozen times and probably many more. I wash them when I first wake up, before I put in my contacts, when I finish putting on hair gel, when I finish putting on sunscreen and/or makeup, before I eat, before I cook, first thing when I come home, and every time I use the toilet. Also, I had to clean the bathroom for the plumbers, so I washed them at least one extra time.

I could blame the arch lab for this habit, or retai, but I think I developed it when I was taking care of immuno-compromised loved ones. I wash my hands well and at every reasonable opportunity, but not compulsively.
posted by Elsa 29 June | 15:03
Bugs - yes! some flies and a butterfly -- 4
Bought a luna bar and some milk -- 1
Read some of my book -- 2
Played bridge at the club! -- 2
Some of the cards were green -- 3

So that's 12 and I've washed my hands a few times so far today. About 5 or 6.
posted by gaspode 29 June | 15:40
And gaspode moves into the lead ahead of JanetLand's three hand washes!
posted by youngergirl44 29 June | 16:08
I'm at 15 now.
posted by arse_hat 29 June | 17:05
Well, I saw a few bugs that were live just seconds before they hit my windscreen, so I give myself 4 points for that
Haven't spent any money yet, but it's only 8:15 am and I'll be gong shopping at lunchtime, so 1 point for that
Haven't opened a book and probably won't, so 0 there
My post-it notes dispenser is green and I use that every day, so 3 points
Tie breaker - well, I'm not big on hand-washing, so I doubt I'll get anything here.
Total - 8 points. I lose :-(
posted by dg 29 June | 17:19
Bugs! Not yet, but the day is not over. But so far: 0
Purchases: 0
Reading: Um, I consulted an owner's manual to see what kind of refrigerant goes in my ice maker. Does that count? Probably. So: 2
Playing a game. Minecraft FTW!: 2
Using something that's the color green... hmmm. I saved the model and serial numbers of my ice maker into Evernote, which has a green icon on my iPhone. So, yes: 3
Handwashing: 2

So, 9 points. Huh. Higher than I had anticipated.
posted by BitterOldPunk 29 June | 17:20
I got 11 (didn't spend any money today, through clever mooching off my relatives at the end of the family vacation, but all the others apply.)

Handwashing: 3x.
posted by julen 29 June | 17:52
Got rid of 10 of the invites, and now I am richer one Zune. Score!
posted by Eideteker 29 June | 17:56
Gah! Only 6! I would have scored better if the bug that landed on me had only come after midnight yesterday!
posted by Several 29 June | 17:58
Seeing a live bug - 4: Yes, one carpenter ant. Outside, thanks goodness.

Purchasing something or spending money - 1: yeah, I pretty much do this daily. Low key today, just bought a latte and an Amazon local coupon.

Reading all or part of a physical book - 2 -- yes. A casebook, but still a book.

Playing a game - 2 -- I'm counting my daily crossword as a yes.

Using something that's the color green - 3: I wound up my green windup dinosaur on my desk. (Yeah, not a mature desk colection.)

And I washed my hands six times so far today.

posted by bearwife 29 June | 18:45
posted by bearwife 29 June | 18:46
And I'm probably understating the hand washing. I do it in AM before brushing teeth, sometimes again right afterward, before putting my breakfast together, right after slicing my berries for breakfast, and each and every time I am in the bathroom.

I am so your hand washing twin, Elsa.
posted by bearwife 29 June | 18:50
Five points:
Purchased breakfast
Reading part of a book
Played solitaire

Washed hands twice
posted by deborah 29 June | 19:25
1. I saw a crane fly early this morning
2. I bought tacos with $5 I found in my purse (we get taco truck every Wednesday at work, it's a ritual)
3. I am reading 5 different wildlife field guides for my Biology of the Pacific Northwest class
4. I am playing hangman on my iPhone
5. I had avocado on my tacos

Tie breaker: I work in a lab, I have washed my hands like 12 times already today.
Total: 24-ish
posted by evilcupcakes 29 June | 21:13
1. Saw two black and yellow millipedes on our morning walk - 4
2. Took a twelve year old shopping - 1
3. No book reading - 0
4. Played catch with a seven year old - 2
5. Nothing green I can think of - 0
Tie breaker: I have been covered in kid all day, so at least a dozen hand washes - 12

Total - 17

Not bad, considering that yesterday I was a big fat zero
posted by msali 29 June | 22:23
Alright, so we're nearing game closing time - about an hour and a fifteen left. I've got evilcupcakes in the lead with 12 standard points and about 12 hand washing points. Let me know if I've counted anything incorrectly - I have had a couple of adult beverages...

I must add, I'm super impressed with MeCha's hand washing prowice. I think we need a thread just about hand washing.
posted by youngergirl44 29 June | 22:45
I didn't see a bug (huh!) and didn't read a physical book, although I read two electronically.

So: six points, and maybe three handwashings.
posted by Madamina 29 June | 22:59
And the game of Points! is closed. Your winner for this evening is evilcupcakes! 12 regular points had you tied the field with JanetLand and gaspode, but you pulled ahead with some 24 hand washing points.

For everyone that didn't win this evening, you get 10 pig points for participation. Pig points can be redeemed at the end of time for prizes and other valuable items.

So evilcupcakes, my friend, you are in charge of posting a list of five categories tomorrow.

Thanks to everone for playing. Be sure to tip your bartenders and waitresses. Have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow for the next edition of Points!!!
posted by youngergirl44 30 June | 00:17
If I ever need somebody to run a bar trivia night, yg, you're totally my girl.
posted by box 30 June | 18:57
And I was over run by ants and washing dishes repeatedly. It could have been mine!
posted by ethylene 30 June | 19:55
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