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29 June 2011

Goddammit, The Whelk, even your dreams are better than mine.
posted by punchtothehead 29 June | 06:57
That's much better than one of the dreams I had last night. I was in a room, with my daughter, who is now 11 years old but in the dream she was more like 4 or 5. I was looking out a window of the room, and I saw that there was a very strong wind blowing. Then, seconds later, I saw an enormous tsunami rushing toward the building we were in. My daughter, not looking out the window, didn't see it. I grabbed her, held her close, and told her "hold on to papa, there's a tsunami coming". Then, as often happens in dreams when you know you're about to die, I woke up.
posted by flapjax at midnite 29 June | 07:17
Cool that you read in your dreams, The Welk, I do that more and more.

I've been having apocolypse type dreams. Urban landscapes. Not completely terrifying - including fun activites like zombie skull smashing and finding hide-outs. This morning, though, I was with my first boyfriend, P, looking as he did right out of the late eighties. He was being a real charming asshole to others and to me, and more sensible types kept trying to get me away from him. I was like, "Fuck it, it's the apocalypse, I'm in love." Later I was in a house and rodents in costumes peeked out of holes in the ceiling and I freaked out and ran around asking everyone if I was asleep or awake. Then I ran into P again, on a stairway, and collapsed into his arms. I knew immediately then that I was asleep. I felt like I wanted to stay there forever.

Then I woke up and reflected that the man sleeping next to me would be a waaaaaaay better ally in a zombie filled terrorist apocalypse scenario and felt pretty tender towards same.
posted by rainbaby 29 June | 07:43
Dream could use some illustrations.
posted by Obscure Reference 29 June | 08:20
How do you pronounce "Vauxhall"? I feel like it's French, so it should probably be "Vo Hall" or something, but I'm guessing the Brits have a completely different mispronunciation in mind.
posted by Eideteker 29 June | 08:34
Eid, I pronounce it kinda like Voxill, I guess.
posted by gaspode 29 June | 08:59
Not French as far as I know. I pronounce it Vox-All.
posted by altolinguistic 29 June | 10:14
Best recent dream:

I hook up with Danny DeVito. As we're nuzzling he looks me in the eyes and says, "You're so pretty," but then, immediately afraid he's offended my butch sensibilities he corrects himself and says, "You're so... cute?"
posted by serazin 29 June | 11:20
I love cinematic dreams. My latest epic dream had to do with aliens and dragons attacking earth and me and the people I'm with trying to stop/kill them. I hate dreams where I end up angry at someone (always a family member). They seem to stick with me for days.

Thanks for that link, Eide! So, it's War-ick, not War-wick. Weird. And they must hate Batman: Gotham, Nottinghamshire /ˈɡoʊtəm/; (gō′təm).
posted by deborah 29 June | 11:43
"Reality" TV confession time... || Wonderland, China