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26 June 2011

My mom's doggie. [More:]


And speaking of doggies - I fell in love with this guy. I don't know why I torture myself when the mister has said no, repeatedly, when asked about getting a second dog.
posted by deborah 26 June | 18:45
Awww. Yeah, mom's dog was a shelter doggie too. I'm sorry for your sadness. Tell him that dogs are pack animals and that a second dog is a really good idea. And then he can be the Alpha Male. He gets first pick on all of the toys. And the Pupperoni and Beggin' Strips.
posted by Splunge 26 June | 18:56
awww, Max is a GOBLIN.

All small dogs need to be minions. it is a law.
posted by The Whelk 26 June | 19:01
Has the mister seen that guy, deborah? I'm in love too and I'm not big on white dogs OR little dogs.
posted by bearwife 26 June | 20:34
I'll be completely honest here. I thought dogs like Max were a blight upon the world. Only good to have handles screwed into their backs and used as dust mops. But then Max entered my world and I am a changed man. It was the same with birds before we got Scooby. Here just after a bath.

Now I'm a bird lover and a dust mop dog lover. I am so hoping I never meet a velociraptor in person. Or maybe a shark. I will so cuddle them and hug them and name the George.

posted by Splunge 26 June | 21:35
BTW, Ewok or doggie, you decide.
posted by Splunge 26 June | 21:37
BTW, Ewok or doggie, you decide.
posted by Splunge 26 June | 21:38
Oops. Drunk or sober, you decide. Oooh a shiny thing... .. .
posted by Splunge 26 June | 21:39
Splunge, my mister just laughed when I told him we wouldn't get a second dog, but an ewok or gray parrot instead... Why yes! We are both awake a 3:30 am EST. Why? No one really knows. I can't imagine it was dinner, comprised at is was of so many different animals and no vegetables that I know of (Baked beans and coleslaw don't count, do they? All I had were low country biscuits to sop up the pig bbq. Oh dear god, what have I done?)
posted by msali 27 June | 02:31
I don't have a dog, and am not really much of a 'dog' person anyway, even if my lifestyle did allow for me to have one, but this picture is probably one of my favourite dog photos ever. I have no clue whose dog it is, but, oh, the adorableness. And the achievement. Two days!
posted by Senyar 27 June | 11:52


posted by Doohickie 29 June | 00:36
So, someone on Facebook tonight said that she had a "list of things to dwell on." || Videos shot at 1000 frames per second: