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25 June 2011

What's in your fridge? [More:] here's mine.
I would take a picture but it's pretty messy. Not crammed, but unorganized. I'm going on vacation so it's not full and I'm not going grocery shopping until I return. I've run out of orange juice and iced tea and some other stuff I usually keep on hand. I have milk, bottled water, 2-liters of Coke, 2 Bud Lites, cheddar cheese, ham, yogurt, feta cheese, cream cheese, mini babybell cheese, condiments, dressings, vinegars, apples, oranges, eggs, bacon, jam, and that's about it.
posted by LoriFLA 25 June | 20:24
Milk, orange juice, two one-pound blocks of Tillamook white cheddar cheese. More stuff in the freezer.
posted by D.C. 25 June | 21:30
Without looking....

A carafe of cold banana bisque, a big rubbermaid container of salad, another of mashed potato cookies, a bag of hot cross buns, a garlic sausage, half a bacon tomato quiche, half a maple apple cake. Grapes, both green and red, carrots, potatoes, garlic. Mozarella cheese. Nearly a dozen eggs. Mayonnaise, several kinds of salad dressing, jam, olives, marmalade, ketchup, soya sauce, tobasco sauce, sweet and sour sauce, margarine. Probably a number of other condiments I'm forgetting as I seldom use any of them. A tube of crazy glue.

And, on the bottom shelf, an old margarine tub with part of a can of cat food in it. I use the big cans, which lasts Trilby for quite a few meals.

And there's quite a lot of stuff in the freezer.
posted by Orange Swan 25 June | 21:47
Soon? NOTHING. Moving out tomorrow.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 25 June | 22:05
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 25 June | 22:33
Haven't looked either and I'm too lazy to do so (it's downstairs, I'm upstairs) but I'll give it a go. It's relatively bare since I haven't shopped yet and we've run through last week's provisions.

Fridge - Some milk - Some iced tea - Caffeine free Diet Coke - Rasberries - Blueberries - 1/4 a yellow cake with strawberries and blueberries inside, leftover from bringing it to a party tonight - 1/2 an avocado - Cheddar cheese - jack cheese - cream cheese - feta cheese - fresh mozzarella cheese - A few kinds of lettuce greens - some carrots - some cherry tomatoes - 1/2 a red onion - Kalamata olives - roasted red peppers - mustard - Sriracha - soy - capers - salsa = peanut butter - raspberry jam - dehydrated cranberries - Guatemalan hot chocolate wafers - dill pickle relish - eggs - whole wheat pitas - brown rice
flours and cornmeal (hiding from potential moth attack) - yeast

awesome chorizo that a local farm makes - buttermilk - homemade chicken broth in jars - ice - almonds - walnuts - flaxseed - wheat germ - butter - some tomatoes, basil, and parsely, still, from last summer - Ziploc bags of veggie scraps stockpiled for next broth making day - a hambone that is really pretty old by now - a container of bread chunks to make breadcrumbs out of - a container of bacon grease for who knows what but I can't pour it down the drain so there it is - frozen raspberries - ginger - smoked paprika (to prevent the dreaded paprika bugs)
posted by Miko 26 June | 00:08

≡ Click to see image ≡

Peas in pods in the bottom left compartment. Unusually, I'm out of beer. Posh eggs in the frosted bit.
posted by TheophileEscargot 26 June | 00:41
Heh, I just shopped, which is the only reason I know what's in there.

A pound of sweet cherries, nectarines, black plums; 8 naval oranges, 4 golden delicious apples, a pint of fresh blackberries and a quart of strawberries. One cantaloupe. 4 ripe avocados, 2 roma tomatoes, 2 white onions, a bunch of green onions, 2 heads of garlic, a pound of baby spinach and a pound of thick sliced hickory smoked bacon.

Six eggs, 1/2 pound of extra-sharp cheddar cheese. A ham steak, and a small tub of cream cheese. A bag of almonds, a small bag of hazelnuts, 2 pounds of basmati rice and 5 pounds of gold potatoes. Canola oil, brown sugar, a pound of salted butter, Amy's organic Honey Mustard, and about 1/4 of a bottle of pure maple syrple.

In the freezer is a whole chicken, some chicken thighs, another ham steak, some ground buffalo, frozen veg (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), and some homemade chicken broth. A roll of b/w film, batteries, and frozen cubes of pumpkin guts for the cats.
posted by faineant 26 June | 01:24
main section: natto - tofu - hard candies from Papabubble (they're amazing) - Dijon mustard (two types: grainy and smooth) - eggs - soy milk - various herbs - jams (Bonne Maman, apricot and strawberry) - peanut butter - cheeses (havarti, blue cheese, cream cheese, parmigiano, mozzarella) - butter - maple syrup - sausages - prunes - raisins - soy sauce - mirin - ketchup - mustard - some leftovers

vegetable drawer: daikon - garlic - onions - carrots - ginger - cabbage - tomatoes

freezer: chicken - fish - pork - sliced bread
posted by flapjax at midnite 26 June | 06:06
A few months ago, it looked like this.
posted by knile 26 June | 06:34
Oh geez -- in the fridge, lots of varieties of jams and condiments. A half a bowl of cold oatmeal. Grass fed organic milk. Free range eggs from happy well treated hens. Vegan style margarine, because it actually tastes good. Organic and mostly local asparagus, artichoke, lettuce/spinach mix, baby carrots, cucumber, zucchini, mushrooms. The last of my uncooked whole wheat roti. Black bean and corn salad. Corn and pepper salad. Thai tomato soup. Cream cheese and ricotta cheese and cheddar cheese and string cheese. An unthawing filet of Alaskan copper river king salmon. The last of a baguette of whole grain bread. Almond butter. A vacuum sealed container of mixed (organic) berries.

In the freezer, frozen berries, the parts of the ice cream maker that need to stay frozen, frozen veggies, whole wheat bread, various home made muffins, fish, crab, raw frozen dog bones, butter, won ton wrappers, hot thai and serrano peppers.
posted by bearwife 26 June | 15:24
Former Photo Friday topic, circa 2006 :-)
posted by WolfDaddy 27 June | 08:36
Yay New York! || Staring into the abyss that is summer television.