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20 June 2011

Leftover chicken: food fit for the gods. [More:]

I just made myself really hungry by emailing my other half some ideas for leftover chicken (which we will have after we roast a nice organic bird tonight). I wrote:

- spicy peanut noodles with fresh veg
- chickenpotpieeeeee
- some kind of awesome soup with the amazing broth we've got [I made this with three chicken carcasses I'd been saving in the fridge]
- peanut chicken soup (African style)
- squash stew with cornmeal dumplings
- chicken fajitas
- chicken mayo with taragon, sweet onion, and black pepper (capers?)

What do you like to do with leftover chicken?
Oh, and of course chicken curry is always on the list. And I may try and do some sort of tabouleh-like dish with herbed chicken.

I will NOT try this utterly horrifying "recipe" for chicken and dumplings. Gack!
posted by Specklet 20 June | 18:39
peanut chicken soup is high up there on the list. Or any sort of soup, really.
posted by gaspode 20 June | 19:09
We have a cafe that makes its own pot pies while you watch, complete with the final egg wash. Simple peas, carrots, celery, onions and chicken or beef. The staff just smiles when you ask for the gravy recipes, which from examination both include fresh fine chopped parsley and a dash of red pepper flakes.
posted by Ardiril 20 June | 20:12
After the sandwiches (mayo & tarragon or curry) I make stock and use that to make risotto. While making the stock, I reflect upon my favorite Ruth Reichel sentence, which describes (paraphrasing) "a chicken consomme so intense it tasted as though a thousand chickens had died to make it"
posted by Triode 20 June | 23:59
How about your fantastic curried chicken with made from scratch dumplings? I agree, premixed and canned half baked things are vile.

My 70's edition of the kids' Betty Crocker cookbook had all scratch recipes. Today's is full of packaged shit.
posted by brujita 21 June | 00:49
Is "chicken mayo" what some call "chicken salad"? Or is it an AMAZING mayonnaise that you could use to make a super-chicken salad?
posted by knile 21 June | 02:01
Chicken mayo means chicken salad. My husband is English and makes fun of the terms chicken salad and tuna salad. There's no salad, he says!
posted by Specklet 21 June | 11:19
by salad he means what, Specklet? Greens? Because then you can't have macaroni salad, rice salad etc. Or just a mixture of foods? Because my chicken salad has a bunch of stuff in it.

Of course, I still think that the terms are weird because they just don't exist where I grew up.
posted by gaspode 21 June | 12:30
Last week I had the broth from the rotisserie chicken carcass, and a little meat, some mushrooms, and some peas. Risotto, with some leftover sparkly wine. It was very good. I wish I had some right now. I have eaten only junk today.
posted by theora55 21 June | 16:46
Please tell me that "chickenpotpieeeeee" is meant to be sung like Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins). My friends and I have always said that's what it sounds like she is singing in "Little Spacey", and it will bring me complete joy to know we aren't the only ones who think so. Maybe that IS what she is singing!
posted by evilcupcakes 21 June | 18:44
Salad in England means a lettuce based dish. So there's chicken mayo and tuna mayo. I don't think they have cold macaroni dishes...

cupcakes, that wasn't what I meant when I wrote it, but it is now!

For dinner last night I had chicken mayo/salad with taragon and onions on ryevita with pickles and cheese on the side. NOM
posted by Specklet 22 June | 13:34
I love this picture of a Steel Mill in the fifties. || Watched The Graduate for the first time ever.