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20 June 2011

I love this picture of a Steel Mill in the fifties. It looks more like a sci-fi movie set than a picture of a real city.
The picture, I cannot see it. Instead, I get a DLPS Failure Page -- "A system error has occurred which prevents your request from being satisfied"

Is it a picture you can re-post elsewhere?
posted by filthy light thief 20 June | 17:09
And there is no more following your More Inside tag.
posted by filthy light thief 20 June | 17:10
This one?

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by mullacc 20 June | 17:25
No, that can't be it. Not from the 50s.

Maybe this?

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by mullacc 20 June | 17:29
Huh, it worked in pre-view but yea, it's broken now.
posted by octothorpe 20 June | 17:32
≡ Click to see image ≡

Great archive but some terrible coding.
posted by octothorpe 20 June | 17:34
octo, I put your repaired link in place of the broken one, and got rid of the "More Inside."
posted by BoringPostcards 20 June | 17:41
All of those are great photos. Thanks for sharing, guys!
posted by deborah 20 June | 18:17
I visited an office in NYC once that had art that looked like octothorpe's picture, but done as oil paintings. I loved them.
posted by mullacc 20 June | 18:42
My mom's side of the family all worked in the steel industry; these pics remind me of the old Bethlehem Steel plant in Lackawanna, NY, at one time the largest steel plant in the world. My grandfather and some of my uncles earned good livings there; the environment in the plant killed one or two of my uncles, though.
posted by Doohickie 20 June | 19:15
And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?
posted by TheophileEscargot 20 June | 23:43
Reminds me strongly of my hometown (Birmingham, Alabama) steel mill, Sloss Furnace. It's long out of commission, but now it's been turned into a museum: you can wander around the machinery and giant tanks and pipes and such. Highly recommended for anyone visiting B'ham!
posted by flapjax at midnite 21 June | 07:13
Oh, hey! You can take a virtual tour!
posted by flapjax at midnite 21 June | 07:15
This is the Eliza furnace, isn't it? It's crazy to think I ride past on my bike almost every day.
posted by chinston 22 June | 09:44
"Perform This Way," || Leftover chicken: food fit for the gods.