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29 January 2011

Kitten attempts to defeat plastic fortress [More:]
I've had a great day, followed by some bad news. These cats made me laugh my ass off while I was crying.
Great. Old man SchrŲdinger's been drunk posting to Cute Overload again!
posted by Atom Eyes 29 January | 22:36
Atom Eyes just won the internet for today.

Sorry about your bad news, msali.... *hug*
posted by BoringPostcards 29 January | 22:50
posted by Senyar 30 January | 03:46
Oh shit, Atom Eyes, that is funny.
Thanks for the hugs. One of my loved ones died of cancer yesterday. We were expecting it, and frankly it's a relief that he's no longer in pain. We were prepared for it.
posted by msali 30 January | 09:49
Oh, msali, I'm so sorry. (I hear what you're saying about relief, and I know it's still really hard. Hugs and whuffles to you, my dear.)
posted by Elsa 30 January | 10:56
Thanks Elsa. Whuffles and hugs received on this end of the internet.
posted by msali 30 January | 11:46
Sorry to hear that msali, glad that he's out of pain though.
posted by octothorpe 30 January | 12:43
Sorry about your bad news, msali.

This video reminds me of one of the cats we had when I was growing up. She had decided that all paper products are evil and must be destroyed, and would shred any paper left on the floor.

One day, we got a new window for the house, and stored it in the living room temporarily until we had time to install it. There was a label on the glass, but the label side was down. So our cat spent about 40 minutes trying to destroy the label, through the glass, complete with little bink bink bink noises and no effect on it whatsoever.
posted by FishBike 30 January | 12:45
For all the cunning that animal owners endow their pets with, their stupidity can be tremendous sources of amusement.
posted by msali 30 January | 13:54
For all the cunning that animal owners endow their pets with, their stupidity can be tremendous sources of amusement.

It's just young. I'd have that box open in minutes.

This weekend I chewed through the string that the person had used to tie the garbage cupboard doors shut, pulled out the garbage bag, and strewed the garbage all over the kitchen floor so I could get to the styrofoam meat tray that was in the bag. The person was very cross but then as she cleaned it up sighed and said that the kitchen floor really needed scrubbing anyway, so I think she should thank me for giving her the incentive to get to that.
posted by Trilby 31 January | 10:57
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