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27 January 2011

In what part of the body do you physically feel nervousness?
I feel it in my ladyparts; it's almost like needing to urinate, but not quite and urinating never alleviates it. I always assumed that's what people talked about when they said "butterflies in my stomach" but my partner says he feels nervousness in his actual stomach, above his bellybutton.
posted by rhapsodie 27 January | 22:41

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce...
posted by Madamina 27 January | 22:43
Chest - heart/lungsish.
posted by Miko 27 January | 22:56
Same as Miko. Chest - heart/lungs.
posted by msali 27 January | 23:00
Heart/lungs, and also just a general restlessness--I'll walk back and forth in my tiny apartment because I can't sit still.
posted by Melismata 27 January | 23:02
my arms, which is think is a manifestation of the general restlessness that Melismata talks about. I feel shaky and fidgety.
posted by gaspode 27 January | 23:12
Any stress, including the positive type or trying to make a moderately difficult decision like where to eat lunch, causes me chest pains. That is why I cannot work.
posted by Ardiril 27 January | 23:57
Intestines and chest. And jaw -- I tend to grind my teeth or clench my jaw when I'm nervous or anxious.
posted by occhiblu 27 January | 23:59
Nervousness is usually in the pit of my stomach (my real stomach, not the intestines).

Fear or quick dread (Is there someone walking behind me in the dark? What would happen if I were to cut myself accidentally with the knife that is slipping in my hand right now?) goes up and down the back of my legs, mostly in my calves.

I never get a chill down my spine from fear.
posted by maudlin 28 January | 00:53
Stomach (nauseated), heart, lungs, bowels (makes me head for the bathroom).
posted by deborah 28 January | 01:50
Worry = solar plexus center belly angsty pain, I got this a lot when I was a kid.

Nervous a la "need to make big presentation" : chest and wow I can't sit still I'll just pace lots when getting more coffee shall I?

Someone close to me is worrying about or nervous for me: tingly upper arms. (This is a pain: If I am nervous for a presentation, and then mom joins in with her nerves I get a double-whammy of upper-arms and chest-nerves. I've learned not to tell her anything, but travel plans, so my arms tingle whenever I travel now. )

Needing to wee senstation = emotional nervousness. For example, trying out for college I felt that, because it was a Big Dream™ of mine, but usually I'll feel this one in regards to someone of the opposite sex that I haven't realized I fancy yet. It's when the heart more than the brain is nervous.
posted by dabitch 28 January | 06:01
Stomach. It feels like it's turning flips.
posted by Catseye 28 January | 06:31

I feel a type of slow growing seething anger in my genitals sometimes.
posted by rainbaby 28 January | 06:34
depends on the type of nervousness. Anticipation is in the stomach. Performance-type (I'm giving a speech/a recital/on stage) makes my hands go dry & cold.
posted by tortillathehun 28 January | 07:05
Shoulders. I can tell I'm nervous when I hunch.

Stress exits through my feet.
posted by Eideteker 28 January | 08:44
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 28 January | 11:43
Crawls up my back in a wide swath and then settles in my upper chest.

Since others have mentioned genitals, I will share that mine do the frightened turtle thing.
posted by danf 28 January | 11:49
Another stomach person here. I feel a tension just beneath my belly button, and if I am really tense/fearful, it radiates upward internally through my chest to the hollow in my neck.
posted by bearwife 28 January | 13:46
I get it in my knees. They feel all watery (if that even makes sense) and I usually have to go sit down for a while.
posted by sperose 28 January | 19:19
Definitely in my jaw, but I rarely get nervous, more like stressed out.
posted by Twiggy 28 January | 20:58
actual physical fear, my legs go weak, literally. Simple nerves, dry mouth. that's about it.
posted by Wilder 03 February | 07:56
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