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26 January 2011

So my curiosity got the best of me in the liquor store today and I bought a bottle of ginger flavored brandy. Unfortunately, I got home and realized I have no idea what to drink it with. Any ideas?
I've only ever had regular brandy straight so just guessing here, but how about ginger ale or soda water? I'd probably lean toward soda water - that's what I'd pick for a flavored vodka and like it with scotch, so maybe it would work for brandy. Or maybe sipping a bit straight is the way to go.

You could also look up some brandy cocktail recipes and see what people are mixing brandy with.
posted by youngergirl44 26 January | 18:29
Here's a handful that specify ginger brandy. And a few more (birthday required).
posted by youngergirl44 26 January | 18:32
Something fruity, maybe -- along the lines of an Old Fashioned (sweet)? Muddle it up and I bet it would be great.

How about something minty? Ginger, mint and lime make a good Thai combination, so maybe you could do some sort of spin on a mojito/caipirinha.
posted by Madamina 26 January | 18:36
there are 14 recipes at cocktaildb
posted by warbaby 26 January | 19:26
there should be one called Ginger Rogers.
posted by warbaby 26 January | 19:28
Apparently there are some called Ginger Rogers, but they vary widely. As in, they are nothing like each other. Do you think there was this much variation when someone first came up with the Manhattan?
posted by youngergirl44 26 January | 19:47
Is it Canton? I love that stuff! Try it with champagne, or hot green tea.
posted by JoanArkham 26 January | 20:40
I prefer to drink my brandy with a glass. Straight from the bottle is a level of desperation I'm not quite comfortable with.. yet.
posted by apoch 26 January | 21:56
so I just got super drunk off a combination of gin, ginger brandy, lemon juice and sugar. The recipe was in ope of youngergirll44s links. but then my former boss started IMing me and I had to make excuses and i'll try to report back for real tomorrow unless this is the first time I b;acked out. thanks for the adgvicel. good night1 wooo@!
posted by martinxs bellbottoms 26 January | 21:59
Best. Update. Ever.
posted by JoanArkham 27 January | 09:51
More update please.
posted by rainbaby 27 January | 10:51
Like I mentioned last night, I found a recipe for a cocktail involving gin, ginger brandy, lemon juice and sugar. My friends and I sat around my room drinking this over ice for a little while, and then we wandered around acting drunk and then we came back and drank some more and then everyone went to bed. The cocktail tasted delicious but in retrospect it was very alcoholic.
posted by martinxs bellbottoms 27 January | 12:17
heh. No kidding :)
posted by gaspode 27 January | 13:43
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