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26 January 2011

Clean this flippin mess [More:]
Inspired by the Things To Buy thread: I'm hoping MeCha can help with a carpet cleaner purchase I need to make.
So, my 23 year old daughter has a one year old and they both live with us while she's in her last year at university. He is an incredibly busy boy. While I admire his zest, my carpets aren't crazy about the milk, applesauce and ground in graham crackers.

I have my eye on this one and this one. Do you have any experience with carpet cleaners, or Hoover brand in general? We own a Dyson vacuum, which I love, but the only carpet cleaner they offer is this. Anybody tried it?
A friend of mine had a crapload (no pun intended) of small animals, including two yappy dogs and at least five guinea pigs. She swore by the Little Green Machine. This one has turbo pro heat or whatever, but I think she had the regular one and it worked well.
posted by Madamina 26 January | 17:47
I've got a 15-yr-old Bissell Green Machine that I've used for vacuuming and steam cleaning, and is still going strong. They look a little different these days, tho.
posted by galadriel 26 January | 21:37
I have a Bissell Spot Bot and a Bissell upright. The SpotBot gets used a lot, it's sort of awesome in that you set it on top of the spot (in my case it's almost always cat barf), push a button and walk away. It energetically soaps, scrubs, rinses and vacuums the offending spot away all on its own, then beeps to let you know it's done. It also has a handheld attachment if you suddenly have the urge to clean a vertical surface. The downsides are the area that is cleaned is only about 6" in diameter and if your carpet is at all in need of even minor cleaning, you'll have a lovely 6" well-scrubbed spot that shows up like a beacon.

The upright gets used rarely because its heavy and bulky and a pain in the ass to mess with filling and emptying. It also goes through the very expensive carpet shampoo very quickly, even at the lowest soap:water setting I've never gotten the entire living room rug clean on one bottle. It does a reasonably good job at cleaning a big area (because if you're going to go to the trouble of dragging it out of the utility closet you might as well do the entire room) but I absolutely hate dragging it out for less then that kind of purpose. Cleaningwise, it's not as good as one of those supermarket rental kinds and I think after it dies I'll just go with that approach rather than replace it.

Also, maybe it's our hard water or just bad luck but I'm death on Bissells. I killed another upright and two Little Green Machines before I got the ones I have now and the SpotBot just started to clog up like all the others. Fortunately, I'm still able to use the SpotBot because it still scrubs and vacuums, it just has lost the ability to dispense water & detergent, just like all my previous Bissells.
posted by jamaro 26 January | 22:33
This is likely my next musical instrument purchase. || So my curiosity got the best of me